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Posted By Soul Counsellor/Coach | Intuitive Readings | Reiki Master| Yoga Teacher on 05/26/2023

More than a Reiki Session!  Receive intuitive guidance, channeling, practical somatic energy tools for you to take home and support you in your life.

1. Empower - Powerfully Identify what you are wanting insight around or to shift.

2. Ease - Clear Psychic Space for you to breathe easier, see with more clarity.

3. Movement - See and Feel ways forward in a way that feels creative and resonant for you.

Investment $80.00 for 1 hour, plus applicable tax. Regularly $111.49 (Packages available.)

Email me at karen_mckinnon@ymail.com to book!

Location 661 Burnside Road East.

dip. Psychotherapy, cert. Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.  cert. Reiki Master. cert. Akhanda Yoga Teacher. www.karenmckinnon.ca

I identify your personal brand of patterning and energetic currency exchange.  I bring language to your intuitive communication styles with life. I work organically with you where you are at, with what wants to emerge and develop in you and how to navigate your evolutionary path.  I support you in discovering your power in a functional way through the sacred.

It thrills me to show you what you can do! You have a mysterious, magical way of being that illuminates your power inside.

I love supporting you to shift your internal focus from a lazer to a beautiful wall sconce so you can SEE more inside of you!

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