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Posted By Stacey Mckinna on 06/14/2022

Winkchronicity Inspires and empowers people to believe in their own potential to achieve their dreams. Teaching digital wellness and detox from the perspective of someone who has lived without a phone and internet connection for ten years. I aim to support detox, and bring back balance. Teaching practical tools and slowing life down by connecting with nature on retreats gives peace. Sharing and spreading kindness creates good in a *Reverse Wish. 10% of all Service and Products before tax goes to *Reverse Wish

BOOK NOW and receive 50% off a one-hour session. Now $44 Max 1 per person. *Services on Sale do not have a time limit and may be used at any time. Full payment is required.

For more information, please visit the website:  www.winkchronicity.com

Book a 1-2-3 day retreat:

Take advantage of our 1-2-3 day retreat and receive 5% off for one person 
Take advantage of our 1-2-3 day retreat and receive 10% off for two people  
Take advantage of our 1-2-3 day retreat and receive 15% off for three people  
Take advantage of our 1-2-3 day retreat and receive 20% off for four people 

 I created “HELLO my dream is." 

What is your dream? It takes courage to believe in our dreams, even more so to put them out there. My inspiration for the idea came from the idea of seeing how many dreams we could realize if we worked together.

As the weather is still quite chilly, grab your "HELLO my dream is" hoodies and save 5% off.


Are all fair trade.  WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), which means we treat every one of our employees with dignity and respect, and are constantly aware of our environmental impact. 

In addition, 10% of all sales and services before taxes goes to *Reverse Wish to do kindness in BC.

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