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Posted By The Healing Nest on 09/07/2022

We are here to help you heal. Our In-person Harmonic Egg sessions offer a customized, unique and powerful experience that bathes every cell of your body in a 360-degree spiraling vortex of sound, light and color frequencies, sparking the best you! An elevated relaxation response occurs, empowering your body's innate ability to heal, sending you clarity, ease, release, and repair. A journey restorative mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually as every cell in your body responds to the vibrational energies. 

Heal your body, mind and soul with this cutting-edge technology using ancient wisdom.

To celebrate a one year anniversary of opening our Nanaimo location and the opening of a new location in Langford at the end of August, with much gratitude, we are now offering In-person Harmonic Egg sessions at a discounted rate of 90$ (standard rate 125$/session). No coupon needed, just call / email or book online while the special is on. 

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