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Posted By Ana-La-Rai's Sparkles of Love on 09/12/2023

Claim your limited time bonuses when you book a private 30min Clearing & Clarity session

With the very rapidly changing and up-grading energies flowing onto the planet, it is easier & faster now than ever before to make course corrections in your life, to release old patterns, to clear up questions or doubts, to bring your dreams forward!

As a pure Source Channel I fully embody my clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance gifts. For you, this means I can see and hear past your stories or distractions to the root of your limitations and the heart of an issue. This clarity assists you to make significant shifts as you come to clearly see the patterns within your life and behaviours. 

Working with your Guides, my Guides, and many Enlightened Ones, we support your process of healing, releasing, vow-breaking, manifesting and more so you can work towards what is most important for you and your life now. 

Allow me to support you on your journey in these rapidly changing times!

Bonuses include:

  • $55 shop credit that can be used for any recorded content or artwork (excludes shipping)
    • Choose from over 70 recorded sessions and programs to uplift your next energetic shift!
    • Original one- paintings and digital downloads of energetic artwork to support you and help hold the energies of your spaces.
  • Live access to a Group Clearing class in October. 
    • Working as a group provides more grace and power to shift commonly held fears and limiting beliefs. 
    • Past topics have included Fears of Love, Blocks to Prosperity, Fears of Aging, Fear of Power and Resistance to Owning Divine Power

Private sessions are all about giving you that personal touch, focusing solely on you and your journey. Together, we can customize each session and tackle all sorts of concerns. Whether it's health, money, relationships, your spiritual journey, feelings of insecurity, or anything else important to you, I'll guide you on your next steps.

Here's a glimpse of what we can do during these sessions:

  •     Clear debris and clutter in your energy field
  •     Fill you up with the vibrations of Love and the Diamond Lights
  •     Receive channeled guidance and insight
  •     Meet your Guides for ongoing connection and support
  •     Explore the impact of past lives and resolve old vows that still limit you
  •     Discover root causes for your pain and struggles
  •     Say goodbye to your fears, sorrows or emotional burdens and embrace love
  •     Balance and align your chakras
  •     Find your ideal location to live
  •     Identify and clear karmic relationships
  •     Learn techniques for releasing those pesky energetic cords
  •     Uncover the root of your addictions
  •     Banish negative entities and release energy blockages or implants
  •     Nurture prenatal connections to support pregnancy and birth
  •     Receive empowering mantras to keep you grounded and focused
  •     Heal soul fragments and surround yourself with a Sphere of Love
  •     and more...


If you're itching to take the next step toward a more joyful, meaningful life, filled with more then book a private Clearing & Clarity Session with me and accelerate your shifts this season!

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