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Posted By The Healing Nest on 06/16/2022

The Healing Starter Package is an ultimate two-hour tool to start your healing journey! 

First, we deep dive into assessing your energy field with the Bio-Well Energy Scan: reviewing your stress levels, state of energy centers (Chakras), functional state of your body - overall energy balance for different organs and systems. 

Second, we customize a Harmonic Egg therapy session for you. Bathe in a 360degree vortex of harmonic frequencies, reset your nervous system and return to homeostasis. Jumpstart your body's innate ability to heal.

With this EnergyBody Rebalance and new insights, new possibilities will open up for you. Also, you get to keep your Bio-Well Energy Scan report and can take it to any other practitioner (acupuncturist, reflexologist, etc.).

Find out more: https://thehealingnest.as.me/


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