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Posted By Sound Healing with Narissa Young at Sea of Sound Vibroacoustic and Sound Therapy on 02/01/2023

Have tuning forks will travel ! Get your group of 10 or more together and I'll bring this to you Vancouver Island! Perks for hosting too. 

email Narissa to set it up info@seaofsound.ca

What you’ll learn:

  • History of tuning forks and how they’ve been used and are used today. *hint…. ask any chiropractor or paramedic!

  • Technical aspects and what to look for when you’re buying. We’ll chat cycles per second (hz), overtones & harmonics, metal alloy vs aluminum or steel, handles, boots & and gemstones…

  • How to use them on yourself and others effectively. Great for relaxation, meditation, circulation, pain management, reduce swelling, sharpen your hearing sense, balance your nervous system… and so much more!

  • PLUS we will do self treatments as well as work on each other to refine the techniques. 

  • Why they speak directly to our cells in sacred mathematical ratios that our body already knows.

  • We will also explore the Vagus Nerve and some useful acupuncture meridians you can apply your forks on.

  • Give yourself a tuning fork facial and use a fork with a boot to move lymph.

  • Who’s who and what’s what in forks, different sets and their origins.

  • Create your own daily practice with your new tuning fork(s)!

  • AND MORE!!!!!!

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