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Posted By The Cosmic Messenger on 05/17/2022

(Track 3) From 'New Gaia Majestic Meditations - Activations Album'

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We live in a 15-dimensional time matrix that is over 950 billion quantum years in existence (is one of infinite time matrixes). When we incarnate we utilize the 12 dimensions to host all of our experiences.

They enter our realities harmonically & all simultaneously yet it depends on what density/dimension we incarnate into that will be the lens from which we view the baseline of our experiences.

To be able to navigate existence, our lives we need to have a blueprint of what makes ups the 12 dimensions & how to use them. This meditation-activation will guide your astral body through all 12 dimensions, 1 by 1, bring in each one to vibrate with your stellar fields.

You are made of stardust frequencies, so its the perfect opportunity to investigate the galactic mechanics that make up each dimension.

Where do our spirit guides reside?
What dimensional houses the elementals?
Where is the divine mind located?
How to I find the realms of sacred geometry?
Where is the space that universal life force energy lives?
What dimension does my higher-self live in?

They all co-share all dimensions but each one has a function, a divine purpose to enhance the majestic qualities of infinite reality & full spectrum healing of anything in the multi-verse.

*Recommended usage: Weekly or/& on each solar-lunar eclipse that arises.

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