Posted By Paisley Town Events & Psychic Fairs on 02/06/2021

Happy Valentine's Day,

If you are taking advantage of my event in February for Valentine's Weekend online - then THANK YOU!

If you haven't found us yet on Facebook I will enclose a link for you at the end of this post.

My specialties are Psychometry which means reading objects (yes remotely) and doing super fun Numerology Readings based on your birthday and name.  I also occasionally do card readings and crystal ball readings too. 

Deciding to choose a psychic reader can be stressful, especially if you don't know the person directly.  I am well known in the industry, I put my name on my business, I use my photos in my advertising and I stand by my word.

If you feel like you resonate from my posts or my image, please connect with me for a reading.  I am currently busy planning a psychic fair over 2 days (Feb. 13 and Feb 14) that is completely online by video call and by phone.  Many of my loyal clients want to get sessions with me at my events -- but I'm the one wearing lots of hats doing admin, marketing and booking (and when we are in person - all the decor and set up and teacups and doilies, lol)

If you book a session with me between Feb 6 - Feb 28 for the end of February or beginning of March, you will get a SWEET deal.  My regular rate is $120 for a session, but I will offer the FEB-2021 discount for Valentine's Day for $90 per session to save you $30.   You can buy yourself some lovely Belgian Chocolates with that $30 bucks!  Please mention this ad when you book your session.   Paisley 604-307-5013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is the link for the fair...

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