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Posted By Wholistic Guidance with Maximilian on 01/20/2022

Due to the continuation of COVID-19-related regulations, I offer my wholistic sessions online including voice scan analysis. That means, I can scan and assess you from any location with an internet connection. No matter where that may be. Please click below for detailed information and a step-by-step guide on how to set up a wholistic session with me.


Remote scans and assessments enable me to see any imbalances within the various energy fields of the body. The scan process itself takes approximately 10 seconds and is done via voice analysis. Its results then allow me to assess your energetic wellbeing and determine what steps to take to empower your body to heal itself.

Please note that voice scans require no additional equipment, hence no extra costs.

The session includes:

- Voice Scan

- Assessment

- Self-Empowerment Plan*

- Health Portal Access

Care Guarantee

*this may involve a meditation component and // or yoga elements.

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