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Posted 05/22/2023 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

5D Star School Day of Ascension :: Collection of Workshops for your Awakening

in person attendance @ The Star Temple or virtual attendance over Zoom. 2950 Douglas St #550, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4, Canada
$25 per workshop or attend the whole day for $88
5D Star School Day of Ascension :: Collection of Workshops for your Awakening
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:: 5D Star School Day of Ascension ::

A Collection of Workshops for your Awakening

Saturday May 27th :: 10a - 530p

- 4 x 90 minute Advanced Teachings

- 30 minute break between each workshop

- $25 per workshop or attend the full day for $88

- attendance is available in person (limited spaces) or through the virtual portal

- can't make it live? No worries! Each session will be recorded & available to all registered

:: Registration ::

Join us for the full day (all 4 workshops), online or in-person

@ sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/gatherings

To join individual workshop(s), please send the following by DM: 

- name, contact number, & email address

- which workshop(s) you would like to attend

- how would you like to join - in-person (limited spaces) or over the virtual portal?

:: Workshop Schedule ::

10a - 1130a :: What's the deal with Light Language? (+ Frequency Bath) w/ Hilary

Light Language is a powerful frequency healing that bypasses the Thinking Mind and creates deep, transformative change and rememberings of Self. But what exactly is it? What does it do? How can you use it?

Light Language is a powerful frequency healing that bypasses the Thinking Mind and creates deep, transformative change and rememberings of Self. But what exactly is it? What does it do? How can you use it?

During this workshop, you will be guided through the ins and outs of Light Language through Sacred Heart Tameana - what it is, where it comes from, how it's used & what it does. You will receive a series of 7 Sacred Symbols to take home with you & guidance on how to use them to elevate and deepen your own healing and spiritual practice. During the gathering there will also be a light language mediation and frequency bath for you to experience it within the multidimensional layers of your Being.

12p - 130p :: The 12 Dimensions of Incarnational Reality w/ Derek

This interstellar workshop will guide you through all of the 12 dimensions that exist in our universe. You will receive a quick overview focusing on the basic quantum mechanics of how these dimensions function, what they are made of & how they are interrelated.

Then we will take a deep dive into the metaphysical blueprints of each dimension, starting with the 1st dimension then journeying up to the 12th dimension. 1 by 1 we will unravel the codex of all the multidimensional properties that fuel our incarnational reality, from the physical to the astral & which dimension all the human supernatural-spiritual experiences originate from.

2p - 330p :: Advanced Chakra Consciousness of Sacred Heart Tameana ~ The 7 Foundational Chakras w/ Hilary

Are you drawn to chakras but have always felt like there was something more? Have you ever wondered if they are really rainbow? or if  they can truly ever be 'balanced'?

Receive insights as we dive deep into the Foundational chakras (Root to Crown) through the Consciousness of Sacred Heart Tameana. Through these advanced teachings learn the next level of what they are, how they interact due to their fractal nature, their structure & layering, how they influence our actions & how they can be accessed to enhance your own spiritual journey. 

4p - 530p :: 2 Crystalline Guided Meditations - Activations w/ Derek

Over the course of 1.5hrs your oversoul will be treated with 2 crystalline guided meditation-activations for raising the frequencies, accessing the multidimensional you & powering up the metaphysical avatar biological vessel to the next octave of self awareness, energetics + etheric refinement.

#1: Harmonic Alignment For Connecting Into The Field Of The Multidimensional Self (includes astral travelling audio :: Naga Mudra :: Rainbow Frequencies Vibrational Elixir) :: 30mins

#2: Illumination Of The Lightbody (includes Theta Healing audio :: Galactic Frequencies Vibrational Elixir) :: 30mins

:: Your Guides ::

:: Hilary Hraefn Porter (Sacred Starseed Healing) & Derek Pennett (The Cosmic Messenger ::



This cosmic couple are two very strong, galactic individuals who have come together to create a unified field of Cosmic Consciousness and love and to share this alchemized pulsation through avenues of energy work, vibrational medicine and multidimensional education. This is a partnership focused on helping humanity evolve into the next stage of Conscious living.

When working with Hilary, you experience a direct connection with the Divine Presence as she works alongside The Council, a collection of Divine Beings that includes the Seven Sisters & Mother Mary Magdalene. This, paired with Earthly 3D tools & guidance, creates the magic that is Full Spectrum Healing.  She works within the spectrum from the Traditional to the Cosmic, in true support of all the aspects of you. Through esoteric, modern & ancient wisdoms of Frequency, you are empowered to recognize, integrate, and embody your Divine Illumination, &, by bringing ease to the physical while supporting the Spiritual, you are guided to feel at Home in this Human Experience. Her heart focus is helping humanity evolve into a level of Consciousness that brings greater compassion & wisdom for the individual & the Collective.

Derek, a powerhouse within the astral realms, is the pure definition of Lightbody Technician, accessing and activating the parts unseen (5D and beyond) to influence the 3D you, in the now. He is a Reiki Master and Divine teacher of all things metaphysical; a creator, guide, galactic support for the deepest of transformations.