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Posted 11/02/2023 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

5D Star School Day of Ascension :: Workshops for your Awakening

The Star Temple (in-person and virtual) 1500 Haultain St, Victoria, BC V8R 2K2, Canada
$25 per workshop / $88 for full day
5D Star School Day of Ascension :: Workshops for your Awakening
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:: 5D Star School Day of Ascension ::
Collection of Workshop for your Awakening
9 Dec :: 10a - 530p

$25 per workshop / $88 for the full day
attend in-person (Victoria BC) or virtual portal

Register :: SacredStarseedHealing.as.me/Gatherings

This is the second offering from the 5D Star School. The first was absolutely mind blowing. The energy vortex got so expansive that there was a tangible difference moving from the workshop space back into the 3D realm. It was pure magic full of Cosmic Laughter, galactic insights, and Consciousness expansion.

This next offering of workshops is coming up in December, and since I know some of you love to plan ahead, wanted to give you a head's up. More information about each workshop will be coming out in the December events newsletter but if you have questions about them before then, please reach out. I'm here to help!

A combination of experiential & educational workshops to expand your Consciousness.
4 x 90 minute workshops with integration time between.

:: Attendance ::
Attend virtually, in-person or tune into the recording post-gathering.
In-person spaces are limited to 6 Divine Beings. 
 Workshops will be recorded with link shared to all registered. 

:: Energy Exchange ::
$25 per workshop or attend the full day for $88.

:: Workshops ::

10a - 1130p :: Mantras & Mudras ~ Connect to the Divine within. w/ Hilary
Mantras & mudras are tools that free the mind and open access to expanded states of Consciousness and higher vibrational fields of being. This workshop is an exploration of the history of mudras and mantras and how they can be used today to create desired states of Conscious, presence, and clarity. At the end, you will be guided through a simple Sanskrit mantra that radiates the feeling of loving happiness. To amplify this vibration and expand the Heart Chakra frequency, it will be paired with the Lotus Mudra, a simple hand position to alleviate feelings of loneliness, exhaustion, & disconnection. Never experienced Mudras or Mantras before? This is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the water of these powerful and simple practices.

12p - 130p :: Higher Frequency Chakras w/ Derek
Many of us are familiar with the 7 base chakras of the human biofield or may have seen an image of these mystical vortices. Well did you know there is more? 

This interstellar workshop will journey into the galactic cord & the multidimensional highways to discover what the 5th dimensional higher frequency chakra system is all about. 1 by 1 we will ride the ethereal waves to see what each of them are all about. We will dive deep into these 8 additional higher frequency chakras to investigate all of their metaphysical mechanics, spiritual properties & effects they have on our reality. In addition there will be crystalline wisdoms provided about what an entity may experience if these stellar vortices are consciously activated or what can occur if they are unbalanced/unconsciously running dormant in the background. Let's access the vibrational multiverse of the expanded 'You' & how we can use the quantum 5D chakra system for full spectrum healing!

2p - 330p :: Illuminating the 7 Foundational Chakras with Plant Spirit Medicine w/ Hilary

The 7 Foundational Chakras are a pathway to Self-Realization, Empowerment and Flow. They can be influenced in many ways, including through the wisdom of (non-entheogenic) Plant Spirit Medicine. During this workshop we will travel through the 7 Foundational Chakras, exploring the basics of each by way of Sacred Heart Tameana & the wisdom of Plant Spirit Medicine (non-entheogenic). We will explore 7 plants, including getting to know their personality, their chakra correspondences, &  how they can be used to access the transformational power of the chakras. 

4p - 530p :: 2 Crystalline Guided Meditations - Activations w/ Derek
#1: Illumination Of The Lightbody :: 30 mins :: This powerful metaphysical component of your being is the master host of all your subtle bodies. From the higher self to the astral twin this guided meditation-activation will take you deep into the soul to feel our inner particles & offer us divine guidance on our awakening/ascension pathways.
#2: Maharic Seal Bio-Regenesis Technique :: 30mins :: By tapping into the 12 dimensions that make up the full you, the energy lines of your body's sacred geometry are repaired. Through this introductory merkaba repair template a robust shield is created in the outer aura.
*There will be a 10 mins break in between the guided visualizations. If you have 2 palm sized crystals, please bring them for both guided meditation-activations if possible.* This is an omega experience, a fantastical way to finish off an interstellar day of workshops & definitely not to be missed*


 There will be a little bit of quantum time for Q & A at the end of each workshop. Come take a fantastical ride to a 5-D star school workshop for some fun Starseed studies & divine knowledge.

:: Registration ::
through email to Hilary.Hraefn.Porter@gmail.com or online @ SacredStarseedHealing.as.me/Gatherings

If registering via email, please include the following: 
1 - which workshop(s) would you like to attend or would you like to attend the full day?
2 - would you like to attend in-person (limited spaces) or virtually?
Link to recording will be provided to all those registered.