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Posted 11/15/2023 by Ana-La-Rai's Sparkles of Love

Advanced Opportunities - November

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Advanced Opportunities - November
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Advanced Opportunities

Wednesday November 29th at 12pm PST

Are you ready for real changes? 
Do you keep using the same "tried and true" energetic processes but find that you aren't actually making any progress?

Times are changing, and your energetic tools must change too!

Advanced Opportunities are guided group sessions that equip you with the newest energetic tools and processes available to support the awakening of individual humans who are ready to step out of the old and step forward into their true divine nature.

Advance your vibrational frequency to new levels on

Wednesday, November 29th at 12pm PST.

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Held every month, Advanced Opportunities are personal journeys with new processes, energetic tools, information and activations brought forth by various Ascended Masters, Angelics, Light Beings and Collectives who guide these high vibrational sessions.

Each month's unique offering brings forth the newest of what is possible and available through the highest vibrations of Source Light, Love, Clarity, and Integrity. Often, these are the sessions where new Beings of Light come through to introduce unprecedented energetic opportunities for humanity.  

If you want a leading-edge experience this is for you!

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Ana-La-Rai is a Pure Source channel, bringing forth the newest and highest energies available for humanity and the planet, along with up-to-date leading-edge information for this time of Awakening. 

You don't want to miss this opportunity to connect and receive the latest update. Take this unprecedented opportunity for your own advancement in 2023!

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