Esoteric Healing Open House

The Mandala Room - Virtual Space (Zoom)
Esoteric Healing Open House
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11:00 AM
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7:00 PM

A monthly 30 minute offering of mini-sessions for you to tap into the Source Essence of your own Karmic Plan.

A chance to experience the transformative shifts Multidimensional Healing can bring as you receive guidance from the cosmos and the perfect opportunity to tune-in & realign, come back to your centre, and say 'hello' to your Heart.

Dynamically charged with what is called for in the moment - from Sacred Grid Activation, to Astral Healing, to Intuitive Visioning, & Channelled Guidance - they allow you to come with no need to explain, to find the words, to retell your story for the upteenth time. All they require is you to come, get snuggsed up within your space, and allow my guides and I to do the work (napping is highly recommended!)

Have a question you would like clarity on? Perfect?

Have an intention you'd like to set and have solidified within your body? Got you covered!

Would love to just take a nap and receive? As amazing as the first 2! (And we've got you there too!)

Regardless of which one you choose, these sessions clear the static, align your energies, and bring clarity and depth back into your Being.


What can you expect from a session?

Through guided meditation, your Crown Chakra will be activated and opened into the Higher Planes so we can connect powerfully across the distance. 

Through my guides, The Seven Sisters, & my Oracle abilities, we will gain insight to any questions you would like clarity around.

Crystal Activated Sacred Geometry and energy healing within the astral realms is accessed to solidify your intentions within you.

Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lumerian Light Codes & Divine Light Language to shift your cellular DNA to clear patterns that just don't feel right any more. 

Past life information has been known to come and say hello!

Other Divination tools may be accessed to offer guidance, such as Tarot/Oracle cards, pendulum, and Plant Spirit & Crystal Essence Medicine. 

A moment to settle in, and bathe in the vibrational medicines, taking a moment for you to breathe into yourself and reset your Purpose. 


What is Crystal Activated Sacred Geometry?

Crystal Activated Sacred Geometry is based on the wisdoms of Esoteric Acupuncture. It is a high frequency healing that harmonizes your energetic vibrations, balances your chakras, and aligns you with finer energetic frequencies, creating a direct link to the clarity of your TRUTH, to your PATH, and to your BECOMING. 

When activated, the templates create a strong and harmonious connection with the higher spiritual realms, a space, that when consciously connected to, allows us to view our imbalances in a different light and reach a state of self-actualization, higher consciousness and awareness of emotions, thoughts, spiritual path, and purpose so that we can create permanent transformations in our Being.


First time? Perfect! These bite-sized powerhouse sessions are the perfect way to see what The Mandala Room & Multidimensional Healing is all about as you experience the subtle, transformative, and digestible shifts that happen.

Experience the wonders and journeys that happen in The Mandala Room before? Perfect! Then this is a great opportunity for a little tune-up, a mini-alignment during the season.


Each session is perfectly 30 minutes for $33 and may be booked by phone, through a DM, or @

Once registered, a link for our Zoom room will be sent along with a link to answer a few little questions so that I can open the channel and so that we can maximize our time together.


Cancellation and Payment

Payment is required for the session begins and can be made through PayPal or E-transfer to

Life is busy so if you find you need to cancel or change your appointment, please do so no less than 24 hours prior, allowing for others to access the medicines. No refunds will be offered for no show appointments or for less than 24 hours notice. 


These are always high voltage days of deep, dynamic healing and I'm beyond excited to be your guide into the waters of Pure Self-Being.

See you soon loveliness!


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