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Fractalline Healing Webinar

$350 usd
Fractalline Healing Webinar
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5:00 PM
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We are so excited to announce our first - ever workshop series for Fractalline Healing!

About Fractalline Healing: 

Fractalline Healing is a somatic, meditative experience. It is a multi-level system which holds infinite potential for self exploration, healing, conscious expansion, energetic upgrades and alignments. It is like a playground in the Quantum Field, where we can connect with higher aspects of ourselves, Spirit, and consciousness itself. 

Who: This workshop series is for those of you who are ready to experience a cutting edge self-healing and exploratory modality set in the Quantum Field of unlimited possibilities.

What: Fractalline Healing is a multi-level system. In this workshop series, we will be exploring the foundation of Fractalline Healing. Don’t be deceived… this first level is extremely powerful, and is where I tend to spend the majority of my time while inside Fractalline Healing. 

When: Every Wednesday Night on Zoom at 5:00pm PST Beginning January 13th for four weeks *with a week break on January 27th for integration.

Zoom @ 5:00 - 7:00 PST

January 13

January 20

February 3

February 10

Where: Zoom workshop series - this WILL be recorded and link offered to all participants

If you’d like to get a taste of what Fractalline Healing is all about, check out these introductory videos.

Video 1: in this video we explain the concept of Fractalline Healing and what you’ll find when you enter the system. It is helpful to watch this video first so you have a general idea of what to expect.

Video 2: in this video we walk you into the early stagers of Fractalline Healing. We are just barely scratching the surface here, but I’m sure you will enjoy what you find!

I am honoured to have the opportunity to share this powerful healing system with you. Take back your power, get ready to have some fun, and enter Fractalline Healing.

Fractalline Healing Workshop

Are you ready to expand your consciousness?

Are you ready to raise your vibration to new levels?

Become more empowered

Gain powerful self healing tools

Access quantum realms of infinite possibilities?

Are you ready to redefine yourself as the Master that YOU are?

The opportunity is here. 

Welcome to Fractalline Healing.

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