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Posted 05/23/2023 by Cassidy the Cardslinger

FREE Readings!! Live Tarot Show - Season Finale!!

FREE Readings!! Live Tarot Show - Season Finale!!
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WEEKLY LIVE SHOWS!! Thursday nights 8-9PM PST!

Weekly opportunities for both free ( 2 minute ) and by donation ( 3 minutes - no time limit! ) live readings with Cassidy the Cardslinger!

Season Finale of the Cassidy the Cardslinger Show!!!

    Cassidy is a certified tarot professional and card reader extraordinaire. Her personal practice with tarot began many years ago when she wandered into a small shop in Florence, Italy, and found her very first deck. From that moment on, she became an avid student of the tarot, and taught herself the basic workings and systems of the cards. Looking for a more in-depth understanding, she began taking various courses with renowned international teachers of tarot, Lenormand and playing cards to expand her skillset and deepen her craft. 

     Through experience with the cards in both a personal and professional capacity, Cassidy has developed a unique reading style that is pragmatic, analytical, empowering, and deeply insightful for her clients. She is a dedicated, unbiased, and experienced reader who believes that the best way to show compassion in a session is to be clear and honest with exactly what is being shown. While card reading is her specialty, she uses a variety of tools and divinatory methods to offer a multi-layered experience with the goal of providing clarity and actionable guidance to the sitter. 

     Over the past few years, Cassidy’s professional practice has included speaking at divination conferences and spiritual festivals, along with teaching students and reading for clients from around the world. Now a part of the incredible team at My Psychic Connection, Cassidy will continue to offer readings that provide highly detailed and specific information and guidance for the unique situations and questions brought to her table.

Click more details above or watch the show at the link here: https://www.youtube.com/live/YBzI-UZWkFo?feature=share

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