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Posted 01/11/2024 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

Frequency Bath & Light Language Activation

The Star Temple @ Hemma Acupuncture & Wellness 1508 Haultain St, Victoria, BC V8R 2K2, Canada
$55 / $66 / $77
Frequency Bath & Light Language Activation
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:: Frequency Bath & Light Language Activation ::
w/ Hilary Hraefn Porter, Astral Shaman & Derek Pennett, Lightbody Technician

Saturday Feb 17th :: 7p - 9p
sliding scale :: $55 / $66 / $77
register :: 

Quantum Sound :: sacred geometry grid work :: Sacred Heart Tameana :: Multidimensional Reiki+ ::
Light Language Encodings :: Oracle Divination :: guided meditation

We invite you to a night of activation, initiation and deep cellular unification. You are invited to sink in & access the deeper states of your own Central Nature and Divine Self as you are lovingly bathed in frequency.

During the gathering we will honour and align ourselves within our individual Soul journeys while connecting into & sharing the Collective experience. This takes the healing of the timelines to a place beyond this moment. It takes the healing back to generations before, through our own timelines and through the timelines that wove their way over, under, and within those moments. By raising our own Consciousness, we raise that of the Collective. By doing so as a Collective, all experiences are amplified and we are more deeply transformed, as One and as All.

:: The experience includes ::

~ guided visualization to access & reclaim your connection to the Light Body templates & the expanded states of the Finer Frequency Realms.~ golden seed Sacred Geometry Grid activation to bring in clarity of vision & the Remembering within & of Self.~ Light Language initiations from The Council for the vibratory fields to be transported to all planes of existence for deep cellular healing & transformation~ bathing in the Sound frequencies of Planetary Hand Chimes, Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Paiste Gong and other sound technologies to arrive at a deeper place within yourself, a layer of integration and infusion deep into your cells - to the place that feels like Home within.~ grounding in and returning to the presence of the body through tuning forks aligned with the Sacred Sounds of the Universe~ space for decoding the divine insights that come up during our quantum time together~ individual Oracle/Tarot card insights + Spiritual Divination as time allows

Due to the cozy and intimate container of the location, only 14 Beings will be welcomed to join us during this Journey.

We would love for your presence, your Consciousness & your Heart to be part of the mix for this Divine evening.

:: Location ::
Hemma - 1508 Haultain St, Victoria BC

*There will be 9 space pods (Cozy recliners) + 4 floor nesting spaces for you to sink into the journey. Each space is first come, first serve.
**Please bring all you need to get even cozier (pillow, blankets, eye covers, stuffy, etc). 
***The space is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately the bathroom is not.

:: Sliding scale ::
$55 / $66 / $77
~ Spaces are limited to 14 ~

How to join us:
Online @ sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/gatherings
Email Hilary.Hraefn.Porter@gmail.com
Phone: 250.588.7774

Your spot is reserved once payment is received. Once registration is complete, you will receive a "so excited to have you join us!" email that includes directions, timing, and things to bring


:: The Star Temple ::

The Star Temple is a Full Spectrum Frequency Healing & Metaphysical Portal offering Sessions of Consciousness , Transformation & Self-Actualization.It is a 5D Starseed vortex, created with intention & catered to your being so you can radiate the most vibrant, illuminated version of you on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

2 Starseed practitioners share this celestial sacred space & are here to guide you as you build a relationship to your Higher Self. Hilary Hraefn Porter & Derek Pennett are two very strong, galactic individuals who have come together to create a unified field of Cosmic Consciousness. It is a partnership focused on helping humanity evolve into the next stage of Multidimensional living through energy work, vibrational medicine, & high frequency education.

:: Your Guides ::

Hilary Hraefn Porter ~ Dip Phyt. Dip Acu :: Astral Shaman, Tameana Starseed Oracle, & Ascension Mentor :: linktr.ee/SacredStarseedHealing

As an Astral Shaman, Hilary accesses all planes of existence, from the physical to the spiritual, to help Seekers find their Truth and unlock the patterns that make sense to their Soul. She empowers you to recognize, integrate & embody your own purpose so you can feel at Home in this Human Experience & gain clarity on the next steps of this incarnational journey. Trained as a Phytotherapist, she speaks with the plants & through her connection with The Council, she speaks the Light Language of the stars. By interweaving these & other Divine frequencies, you are held & guided back to the beginning of your Soul, to your Original Source Code, where you live, breathe, and are illuminated as You.

Derek Pennett ~ The Cosmic Messenger :: Lightbody Technician & Reiki Master Teacher :: linktr.ee/TheCosmicMessenger

Derek, a powerhouse within the astral realms, is the pure definition of Lightbody Technician, as he locates all your metaphysical parts and puts them back together again, so they are in crystalline order. Using a high frequency amount of Universal Life Force energy, the unseen parts of you (5D & beyond) are unlocked to regenerate the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual prime bodies. He is a Reiki Master & Divine teacher of all things metaphysical. He scans your entire being from the 12 strand DNA to the 5th dimensional chakra system to see what is in need of a tune up, what is distorted in the quantum now & offers photonic key codes for supreme upleveling so you can radiate your highest self + master the full extra-sensory you. 

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