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Posted 05/22/2023 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

Frequency Healing & Sound Bath

The Star Temple 2950 Douglas St #550, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4, Canada
$55 / $66 / $77
Frequency Healing & Sound Bath
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Frequency Healing & Sound Bath

Friday, May 26 :: 630p - 830p

w/ Hilary Hraefn Porter, Frequency Catalyst,. & Lee Reidl, Quantum Sound Specialist.

Each time I get to collaborate and hold Sacred Frequency gatherings with this Divinely special Human, I get so excited because Lee is  nothing short of magical, transformative & layered with Cosmic Laughter & Insights. Due to limits in the space time continuum (ie she lives elsewhere), these are rare offerings (the last was during the Summer Solstice in 2022) that are worth the wait and so Divine when they happen!


Quantum Sound :: sacred geometry grid activations :: Sacred Heart Tameana :: Light Language Encodings :: Multidimensional Reiki :: Oracle Divination :: guided meditation

We invite you to a night of activation, initiation, and deep cellular unification.  We welcome you to sink in & access the deeper states of your own Central Nature and Divine Self as you are lovingly bathed in frequency.

During the gathering we will honour and align ourselves within our individual Soul journeys while connecting into & sharing the Collective experience.  This takes the healing of the timelines to a place beyond this moment. It takes the healing back to generations before, through our own timelines and through the timelines that wove their way over, under, and within those moments. By raising our own Consciousness, we raise that of the Collective. By doing so as a Collective, all experiences are amplified and we are more deeply transformed, as One and as All.

:: The experience includes ::

~ Morphic Resonance guided visualization to access & reclaim your connection to the Light Body templates & the expanded states of the Finer Frequency Realms.

~ golden seed Sacred Geometry Grid activation to bring in clarity of vision & the  Remembering within & of Self.

~ Light Language initiations from The Council for the vibratory fields to be transported to all planes of existence for deep cellular healing & transformation

~ bathing in the Sound frequencies of Planetary Hand Chimes, Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes and other sound technologies to arrive at a deeper place within yourself, a layer of integration and infusion deep into your cells - to the place that feels like Home within.

~ grounding in and returning to the presence of the body through tuning forks aligned with the Sacred Sounds of the Universe

~ Multidimensional Reiki & the flow of Universal Life Force energy for experiences of Pure State Consciousness.

~  space for decoding the divine insights that come up during our quantum time together 

~ individual Oracle/Tarot card insights + Spiritual Divination as time allows 

Due to the cozy and intimate container of the location, only 10 Beings will be welcomed to join us during this Journey. 

We would love for your energy, your current, your Heart, to be part of the mix for this Divine evening. 


 :: Date :: Friday, May 26th

:: Time ::630p - 830p

:: Location :: The Star Temple - 550 - 2950 Douglas Street (Within Evergreen Business Services)  

*Please note that the majority of the cocoon spaces will be seating on the floor, with padding / cushions. There will be 3 spaces on a raised space & 1 chair for those in need of being off the floor.

:: Sliding scale ::$55 / $66 / $77

~ Spaces are limited to 10.

How to join us: 

Online @ sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/gatherings

Email to Hilary.Hraefn.Porter@gmail.com

Phone: 250.588.7774

Your spot is reserved once payment is received. Once registration is complete, you will receive a "so excited to have you join us!" email that includes directions, timing, and things to bring. 


:: A little more about the magic of Lee's Quantum Sound ::

Sound and frequency work can be very beneficial for relaxation, opening, shifting and integration for the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Sound healing is a non-invasive and potent way to access parts of the body, physically deep inside or energetically buried in our field, that are perhaps holding a pattern, or might be ‘frozen’ from a traumatic moment in the past. When such physical tissues and energetic fields experience higher vibrations a moment of movement is possible, which creates an opportunity for something different to happen. Working with frequency in this manner can be very complimentary for grounding the benefits and experiences from other healing modalities. 

Sound can also be very effective to bring an intention further into the body - into areas that are more energetically or physically dense. When a client is consciously holding an intention for a session, the energy of that desire has the opportunity to not only inform how that session will unfold but also be supported by the vibrations of the crystals and sounds to arrive at a deeper place in any and all areas of the body. All of these potentials are profoundly supported and integrated by your breath. The merging of sound and crystal work with the power of your breath can be a very supportive and relaxing experience for expanding consciousness and optimizing health.

Lee works with Acutonic Planetary Hand Chimes, Acutonic Tuning Forks, Singing bowls, Koshi Chimes, other sound technology and shamanic practices. Working via the Quantum field, her practice is guided by breath testing (a form of muscle testing). Along with Sound Healing she uses Crystals to lay a grid around the space, which is specific to that group for that session. The container for the session is activated by her holding the question 'what is of the greatest benevolence for this healing moment?'. The group session is collectively informed by the intentions held by each individual in the group. There is an overarching collective consciousness of the group and the vibrational field being layered is for the benefit of all. She asks to be a clear channel to receive guidance through the quantum field from the Higher Self of each participant.  

“I really enjoy Lee’s sound healing style. It is very intuitive and present to whatever healing intentions I have for myself at the moment. While she uses her breath testing technique to lead her to the most appropriate vibration for the moment, she also has a strong intuition, allowing for her to co-create a unique experience each time. Within the space of a session, Lee seems to be connected to and guided by my own higher self, which gives her access to knowing exactly what is needed for my healing, while being free from her own egoic needs in the space of that journey. Her knowledge of shamanic practices feels both grounded and inspired. Her understanding of energy and symbolism is something that I can relate to and I find it easy to communicate my observations of these concepts in terms of what is occurring in my life, both within and outside of myself. I highly recommend Lee’s sound healing practice for assisting in releasing what’s no longer needed, for shaking up stagnant energy, bringing in new energy to support new creations and probably for many more things.”

Elisa Rose

:: A little more about Hilary Hraefn Porter::

Within the energy that is your Consciousness there is an imprint, or Soul, that responds to frequency. Frequency can release pain, dissolve fear, & clear timelines so that new experiences are possible. The beauty of Frequency Healing is that it goes to your core, to the deepest part of your cells to create change that is so profound it ripples into all the areas of your life. It brings in synchronicities. It heals wounds.  It opens up portals for you to (re)discover pieces that have been forgotten and deeply missed. It uncovers the layers of Remembering, awakens new possibilities, and reminds you what it is to be present in the manifestation of You - Now. 

When working with Hilary, you experience a direct connection with the Divine Presence as she works alongside The Council, a collection of Divine Beings that includes the Seven Sisters & Mother Mary Magdalene. This, paired with Earthly 3D tools & guidance, creates the magic that is Full Spectrum Healing.  She works within the spectrum from the Traditional to the Cosmic, in true support of all the aspects of you. 

Through esoteric, modern & ancient wisdoms of Frequency, you are empowered to recognize, integrate, and embody your Divine Illumination, &, by bringing ease to the physical while supporting the Spiritual, you are guided to feel at Home in this Human Experience. Her heart focus is helping humanity evolve into a level of Consciousness that brings greater compassion & wisdom for the individual & the Collective.

“ What can I say that I haven’t already about this amazing being?! I feel so grateful for the support and guidance of this powerful healer. Hilary’s right there with you every step of the way. She supports you before, during, and after your journeys. She has immense courage and openness to offer herself as a channel for the messages/visions/healings/clearing/coming through for you, as well as the wisdom to deliver these in a way that is appropriate for you. Her love and devotion to this path is simply beautiful. The transformations that I have experienced and continue to experience during my sessions with Hilary are difficult to describe. Clarity, presence, transcendence, and remembrance are a few words that come to mind. Infinite love to you Hilary. Thank you. “ ~ Gosia