Heart Sanctuary Weekend Online Workshop

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Heart Sanctuary Weekend Online Workshop
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The Alchemy Heart Sanctuary Weekends

In addition to the co-creation for Mother Gaia, humanity and the great awakening, there will be a large focus on permanent personal upgrades for the participants. The Alchemy have never done this before.

Session Times

Friday 5 - 8 pm

Saturday 9 am - 12 pm and 1 - 3 pm

Sunday 9 am - 12 pm

Some of what we did during the February 2021 Heart Sanctuary was as follows:

  • Divine service for Mother Gaia, her kingdoms and humanity
  • Experience the Lavender Diamond Light which helps with remembering
  • Receive and activate a "golden halo" which allows to regulate (amplify / adapt) the amount of Diamond Light to your personal needs moment to moment
  • A permanent infusion of the code of Self Love
  • Activate and work with The Teal Diamond Light Accelerator (experimental until May, therefore not part of the recording package as requested by The Alchemy)
  • Connect to the Terra Christa Angels
  • Receive the Blue Diamond Light and a very special gift in your heart
  • Connect to the Tapestry of Harmony
  • Infusions of various high-vibrational frequencies and energies
  • Personal energetic support by the group heart and the many guides
  • Q & A periods
  • And much more!

Please visit The Alchemy's website for further information.

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