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January Full Moon Guided Meditation

Online and In-person (Saltair, BC)
$55 USD
January Full Moon Guided Meditation
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6:30 PM
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JANUARY 17th, 2022 at 6:30pm PST

Every month we meet live (online) for a special guided meditation brought through by a Being of Light in accordance with the highest vibrations in that moment for the group to assist each participant's individual growth. 

We receive experiences or gifts to help support, expand, or shift us towards our next steps. It's always a surprise who will come through and the meditations are amazing! The recordings are sent out after the live sessions and are included in the price.

Past Full Moons have included:

  • The Wesak Ceremony with Lord Buddha

  • Gifts from Your Vault held by Mother Gaia
  • A Personal Energy Field that Repels the Gunk with the collective First Light
  • Expanding and Connecting Your Chakras with Lord Shiva

  • Embody a Piece of Your Future Self with the Family of El

Individual Full Moon sessions are $55 USD each. If you would like to attend in-person please email All welcome!

Until the January full moon you can get all 2022 Full Moon Meditations

for the price of 10  when you register for the 2022 package!

To Register, use the purple bar at the top of the Sparkles of Love Website

Visit the link below to try a FREE past Full Moon Meditation for yourself!

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