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Posted 12/12/2022 by A Life of Choice, with Robyn

Level 1 Metaphysics and Healing class

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Level 1 Metaphysics and Healing class
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This amazing course provides a foundation for the Academy’s core “level” courses and allows you to open to your own knowing of the metaphysical world. Many experience the learning as a remembering of knowledge locked deep inside. Let this course open the door to greater awareness and a heightened vibration.

The course is taught over 4 classes. 

Classes held on 4 Tuesdays starting January 31 and continuing on February 7, 14 and 28 at 3:30pm  (Pacific). Note one week off between class 3 and 4. ( due to a conference conflict, you will have additional time to practice the healing you learn in class 3 with your colleagues.)

Benefits you’ll receive

  • increased vibration (for healing and intuitive skills)
  • effective shielding techniques
  • a meditation system that engages the active mind
  • energetic healing system
  • an extraordinary manifestation position

Prerequisites:  None

Course Description

Level I is a comprehensive study of the metaphysical world of power and your place in it. Course content includes work in ancient and modern systems with spirituality and science/physics intricately woven together. Powerful, magical and transformative, Level I offers those seeking clarity, truth or change, a profound opportunity to manifest a life of passion and choice.

Class Format

The course is delivered during 4 classes over 4 weeks. You will learn through lecture, discussion, guided meditations and energetic healing techniques. The course is designed to allow you to assimilate information with an opportunity to practice your learning between each class.

  • Class One – Introduction to the Metaphysical World of Power
  • Class Two – Deep in the Metaphysical World: Accessing the Greater Mind
  • Class Three – Application of Power to Heal and Manifest: Reading Energy, Dreams
  • Class Four – Putting It All Together: Using Tools and Techniques to Live a Conscious Life

After the course, you are welcome to audit any Level 1 course anywhere in North America absolutely free for the first year. We also support and enhance your growth with monthly meetings, hosted by our teachers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the connection between consciousness, energy, and healing
  • Interpret fundamental concepts of vibrational psychology, power and energy
  • Access a powerful light system for healing the self and others on all levels of body, mind and spirit
  • Practice a unique meditation system that engages the active mind, and is appropriate for both beginning and advanced learners
  • Access energetic shields to protect yourself and those you love from negative influences.
  • Safely develop your intuitive and natural psychic abilities
  • Distinguish the difference between “personal power” and “Divine Power”
  • Develop your inner knowingness
  • Cultivate tools and techniques for conscious manifestation


Regular online rate is $495. Plus taxes where applicable.

After Your Course

Once you have graduated, you are welcome to audit any Level 1 course, for free, anywhere in North America, for a full year! We also support students with monthly conference call meetings, to enhance your comprehension of living in a world of power.

We also host monthly meetings to support your growth as a personage of power.

You are then eligible to attend level 2 Ancient Shamanism. 

Questions? Robyn McTague robyn@alifeofchoice.ca 604-644-0017 Free information sessions will be posted to experience meditation and healing that you would learn in class.

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