Posted 04/11/2021 by Maria Koropecky

Lightning Rounds Creative Writing Games

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Lightning Rounds Creative Writing Games
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When I was growing up, there were plenty of game shows on tv. 

Some of my faves were the Family Feud, the Newlywed Game, Hollywood Squares, Card Sharks and the Price is Right.

What’s your favourite game show?

Good answer!

What did you like the most about those games?

  • theme song
  • life-sized props 
  • witty answers and jokes
  • big prizes
  • celebrity guests
  • cheesy hosts?

Did you ever want to be a guest and play for real? Me too!

Well, here’s your chance to play a new game!

It’s called Lightning Rounds and it’s a creative writing games group for budding writers and creatives. We play every other Saturday on Zoom and people are just chomping at the bit to sign up!

Fancy a spin?


Let’s play!

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