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Monroe Institute: Heartline Program in Nanoose Bay (Aug 7-13, 2021)

Bay View Retreat Bay View Retreat 1876 Morello Rd, Nanoose Bay, BC V9P 9B1, Canada
Monroe Institute: Heartline Program in Nanoose Bay (Aug 7-13, 2021)
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Join us at Bay View Retreat for an amazing journey into the Consciousness of your Heart opening to a greater capacity for joy, love, and trust. Utilizing the special patented Hemi-Sync audio frequencies of Focus 18, Heartline guides us inexorably into a new awareness and centering of Heart Energy all while creating space for profound emotional healing and happiness.

Reclaiming Childhood Innocence and the Wonder of the World Around us
• Access Greater Depths of Your Being
• Open to Greater Self Love and Acceptance
• Facilitate Emotional Healing
• Experience Gratitude Flowing Within and Through Your Body
• Go Beyond Your Limitations and Transform Your Beliefs

Heartline Empowers You to Connect to Heart Consciousness, Transcending Limiting Beliefs while Moving Into a Place of Self Love and Acceptance.

Our trainer, Penny Holmes, the stepdaughter of the Institute’s founder, Robert Monroe, has led this transformational program for 25 years. From her special historical perspective, Penny has been deeply involved in supporting thousands of program participants, exploring, understanding, and using expanded states of consciousness. She is a graduate of the European Energy Mastery School, the Hoffman Quadrinity and the Whitewinds Institute of Energy Medicine. In addition to being exceptionally insightful, Penny Holmes is best known for her amazing sense of humor.

An advanced program open to graduates of Gateway Voyage, Heartline nurtures a greater awareness of compassion for ourselves and others. Prerequisite - Gateway Voyalge

Tuition: $1,995. (Includes all seminar activities, meals, lodging, and local airport/ferry pickup & drop-off)

For information and registration, contact Paul Elder
Phone: (250) 730-7701 E-mail:
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