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Monroe Institute: Star Gate - Remote Viewing Intensive (Level I & II), in Nanoose Bay (Aug 21-27, 2021)

Bay View Retreat Bay View Retreat 1876 Morello Rd, Nanoose Bay, BC V9P 9B1, Canada
Monroe Institute:  Star Gate - Remote Viewing Intensive (Level I & II), in Nanoose Bay (Aug 21-27, 2021)
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In this special full-immersion six-day residential program, participants learn the proven protocol created by the Stanford Research Institute for U.S. Military Intelligence’s former ‘Top Secret’ program Project Star Gate.

Level I 

Level I is the introductory stage of Star Gate’s Remote Viewing protocol. Beginning with personalized instruction along with increasingly challenging remote viewing sessions, students are carefully guided through Stages I & II of the original Ingo Swann methodology. Very early on, students quickly become aware of the importance of creating a solid foundation for developing their innate ability to tap into the matrix of consciousness in which ordinary humans have access to all information in the universe. 

Level II 

In the Level II portion of the program, students learn the more advanced protocols of stages 4, 5, and 6, before entering into the ethereal mist of the “collective unconscious” in the deeply altered states of Extended Remote Viewing. The protocols and structure of CRV are expanded into widely enhanced perceptions of aesthetics, emotions, intangibles, and even the very heart of the viewer’s own soul. Viewers’ sketches and perceptions become more detailed and students often feel a sense of bi-location or flight to the target site. In this stage, students learn new remote viewing applications such as map-dowsing and object remote viewing, in addition to challenging live out-bounder sessions and actual operational targets. 

Upon completion of the Remote Viewing Intensive, graduates receive:
• Special “Enhanced altered state CD” for home use.
• Star Gate Coordinate Remote Viewing manual. 

Tuition: $1,495. (Includes all seminar activities, meals, lodging, and local airport shuttle service)

For information and registration, contact Paul Elder
Phone: (250) 730-7701 E-mail:
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