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Online: Sundays for Reviving Fatigue with Qigong

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Online: Sundays for Reviving Fatigue with Qigong
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Use Qigong techniques for letting go physical and emotional stresses

Different theme each week (Zoom)


Excellent class for building on existing practice of qigong.

In our day to day lives, we experience a lot of events, conversations or life changes that leave us feeling disempowered, hopeless, or tired. This is a common experience and our qigong classes focus on accepting and if suitable, gently changing the energy around those challenging experiences using "chi". 

It may not go away completely at one time, but we start to build our little muscles in 1) observing our energy (ie., feelings, body state), 2) noticing intraceptively where 'stuck' sensations are in the body; 3) how to make gentle shifts in ourselves. 

I welcome participants from all walks of life, and we have a respectful and safe shared space of the qigong practice lead by Jacqueline Chan, MA & her mother, Master Teresa Yeung. Our shared intentions and practice start to make gentle shifts in our energy which bring gentle, gradual and powerful changes in our lives. 

We change our relationship to those inner experiences and open the channel for a path to lasting tranquility, hope, and optimism.


Jacqueline Chan, has been learning Qi Gong from a young child along with her mother Master Teresa and Grandmaster Wu for about two decades. With contining Qi Gong practices and training, she has been developing her style in balancing the mind and spirit to improve inner harmony.

Jacqueline H. Chan is a research staff in the SickKids Research Institute as well as a member of The Mindfulness Project Team at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). She is an instructor of Qigong (pronounced "chi-gong"). Jacqueline grew up in a Qigong school within the lineage of Master Weizhao Wu and Master Teresa, and has shared this peaceful traditional Chinese healing art in symposiums and conferences. Jacqueline has been providing Qigong to SickKids staff for over 2 years and is an active participant in Wellness programming provided by Occupational Health at SickKids. Qigong is a gentle and serene form of moving meditation, a kind of Mindfulness in motion that integrates one's body and mind. 

She is dedicated to having a diverse and inclusive space. Jacqueline Chan is currently studying for a Masters of Pastoral Studies, in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, at The University of Toronto. She has a MA in Early Childhood Studies and a BA in Psychology.


West meets East perspective

Emptying the mind is to go to the awareness beneath the form of thoughts and images, also sometimes called "clear light" awareness...

Three Takeaways:

Challenging: Adding to participants’ knowledge of mindfulness by introducing a movement form of mindfulness with a long tradition and lineage

Integrative: This is presented through an integrative perspective of West meets East with a scientific context

Actionable: Attendees can walk away with knowledge of a practice they can do anywhere and learn about the utilization of their breath

Types of practices: 

  • Releasing 
  • Emptying the Mind Practice
  • Active eight pieces of silk brocade
  • Better breathing, breathe easy qi gong
  • Stress-reducing 8 movement qi gong
  • Tai chi qi gong: Willowtree
  • Qi gong for office


  • Reduce fatigue & burnout
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Meditative movement & breath
  • mood swing eg frustrations
  • headaches sleep 
  • digestive issues
  • menstrual pain and issues
  • inflammation
  • fatigue, sleeping problems


Over 20 years experience in Chi Gong practicing from 5 years old with her mother,

Master Teresa Yeung.



Facebook.com/purelandqigong (mother school)

PurelandQiGong.com/workshops (school) ?

Having grown up in a single-parent home, Jacqueline brings a deep sense of resilience and strength to her practice of Qi Gong. Having trained under Grandmaster Wu and her mother, Master Teresa for nearly two decades, Jacqueline has cultivated a deep respect for the roots of Qi Gong while embracing the diverse cultural landscape that shapes her identity as a Chinese Canadian.

In addition to her expertise in Qi Gong, Jacqueline brings a holistic perspective to her teachings, drawing upon her educational background in psychology, early childhood studies, and clinical research experience in a hospital setting. Currently pursuing studies in psychotherapy through a Buddhist and Interfaith theological lens at The University of Toronto, she integrates the mind-body and psychological dimensions of Qi Gong, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Learn more at www.ChiwithJacqueline.com.

This video is part of the project, Windvane: Paths to Wellbeing. Aimed primarily at students in higher education, Windvane offers paths for exploring how we can connect with our natural elements and energies, harmonizing and localizing them as strengths. The guide includes engaged exercises for self-assessing and promoting wellbeing and flourishing.

Windvane is created by Dr Frances Garrett of the University of Toronto with funding from eCampusOntario.


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