Posted 11/13/2019 in Class or Workshop by Alison Spokes

Online Tarot Chat & Study Group Meetup

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Online Tarot Chat & Study Group Meetup
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10:45 AM
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12:45 PM

Come and join your fellow tarot enthusiasts and readers for a fun online social event. Tarot readers of all skill levels who want to network, enhance their skills, practice reading for others, or just meet like-minded people are welcome.
Come with your tarot-related questions or tips. Grab your tarot decks and notebooks and join in to chit chat about anything to do with Tarot.

Please note this is not a call for asking for free readings. 
 Click the link below at the scheduled time to join in.

We also have a Facebook group to stay in touch and propose topics of discussion for the next meetup. Please join us online. 

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