Past Life Explorers Show Feb 24 9AM - Attachment & Worthiness

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Past Life Explorers Show Feb 24 9AM - Attachment & Worthiness
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9:00 AM
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10:00 AM

Tune into the Past Life Explorers radio show at 9AM February 24th  to find out all about the full Past Life Regression with Emily, our lucky lottery winner for this month.    Listen in as Niki and Emily take you through a past life to where Emily uncovers issues with attachment and worthiness.    Hear Emily’s perspectives on the experience, clips of her regression and discover her insights and learning.   Join in and explore with us on the 24th!

Here is the link for the LIVE show.   Make sure you click at show time, and player should be active.   If not, scroll down and choose one of the 'players' that works for your device.

Can't make it live?   Check out the archive available later in the day and listen at your leisure.   Here's the link: 

Click the archives tab for access to all of the Past Life Explorers shows.

I hope you will join and explore with us,  

Stay well, 


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