Past Life Explorers Show WED May 26 9AM - Happiness and Trust

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Past Life Explorers Show WED May 26 9AM -  Happiness and Trust
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This month’s Past Life Explorers Show radio show is all about happiness and trust.     And who doesn’t want more of that?   

Listen in on Wednesday, May 26th  at 9AM as Niki Hughes and her special guest Gurjeet explore the themes of happiness and trust and take you through two past lives.   These lifetimes hold the keys to unlock, understand and heal these energies to affect greater business success for Gurjeet.     She will share her perspectives on this, talk about the impacts on her current life and we play clips of Gurjeet's regression to hear insights, learning and some very special guidance from her higher self to  “unstick” her move into an empowered life.    Join in and explore new territory with us at 9AM on May 26!

Here is the link for the LIVE show.   Make sure you click at show time, and the player should be active.   If not, scroll down and choose one of the 'players' that works for your device.

Can't make it live?   Check out the archive available the following day and listen at your leisure.   Here's a link to the show archives - just click the archives tab and all of my shows will be listed. 

I hope you will join and explore with us! 

Stay well, 


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