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Posted 07/26/2022 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

puo'shk i'a ni Tameana :: Sacred Group Healing & Activation

over the virtual portal of Zoom
sliding scale ($33 / $44 / $55)
puo'shk i'a ni Tameana :: Sacred Group Healing & Activation
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The first day of this event
Start Time
6:00 PM
Last day this will be posted on SOV
End Time
8:00 PM
:: puo'shk i'a ni Tameana :: Sacred Group Healing & Activation ::
21 August 2022 :: 6p - 8p 
Zoom gathering
Sliding scale :: $33 / $44 / $55

Embrace your intuition ~ release struggle & fatigue ~ heal the timelines.

Access your own Becoming as you connect to a deeper experience of your Heart as a doorway to the Awakening of your "I AM" Soul-Seed.

Feel yourself shifting towards your Heart.

What does it feel like?
What needs to change to get you there?

A nudge over the edge into your transformation. A boost to help you see the clarity that you already know within. A light code recalibration to reset the spaces out of space,
A whole lotta love because this sets the healing in motion and allows you to...

Awaken to the YOU you feel inside.
Awaken to living, feeling, moving, as an embodied Being.
Awaken to seeing the Truth of your story, to saying good-bye to everything out of place.
Awaken to a clearer sense of your place in the World.

I invite you to join us to find that next piece of you.


Through the Star wisdom of puo'shk i'a ni Tameana, a doorway into Awareness and Expanded Consciousness is created, awakening the I AM Seed within and freeing you from limiting concepts and ideas.

It is the place buried deep beneath all the Do-ing, the place of your Will, the place of your BE-ing.

As a group we come together in (virtual) community as a catalyst for the natural process of remembering, experiencing and naturally opening ourselves to our Truth and the Truth around us.

Healing through this Sacred Activation allows you to embrace your own intuition and leave your rational mind behind in recognition of each other and, in turn, yourself.

Through Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sigils, crystal activations, guided mediation and Light Language, higher vibrational multi-dimensional energy is downloaded and transmitted to each participant creating a deeper, more profound, experience of your Existence.


Sun. August 21st :: 6p - 8pm PST

:: Location ::
virtuality portal of Zoom

:: Energy Exchange ::
Sliding Scale ~$33 / $44 / $55

:: Registration ::
Please register under the sliding scale option you would like to contribute.

$33 :: sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/SacredGroupActivationVirtual33
$44 :: sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/SacredGroupActivationVirtual44
$55 :: sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/SacredGroupActivationVirtual55

*****Online registration will be closed @ 8am the day of the event. To join the gathering after this time, please send a request via direct message.

:: Cancellations ::
Your space may be transferred to another Being no later than 7 days prior to the date of the Gathering.

Questions? I am here!


:: Your Galactic Guides ::

Hilary Hraefn Porter
Hilary is a Multidimensional Full Spectrum Healer, Mentor, & Tameana Starseed Oracle. Wrapped beautifully in a Heart-centred crystalline approach, she taps into your energetic field & personal Akashic records using various high vibrational metaphysical modalities as the potential catalyst to shift your core root patterns, reach optimum health, nurture the body with universal life force, exit the matrix & locate the next steps in your journey into Spiritual Ascension.
Living in Victoria, BC, she offers transformationally held space within The Mandala Room and virtual online sessions for those looking to shift their personal paradigm.

 Derek Pennett
Derek is a Multidimensional Reiki Master/Teacher & Lightbody Technician. Through creation of photonic key codes, galactic affirmations, energy encoded cosmic collages & interstellar videos/galactic articles he creates vortex fields for full spectrum healing & greater understanding of the photonic nature of the multiverse. 

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