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Rooted in the Womb- Reclaim Your Sacred Power (4 week virtual immersion)

virtual (zoom) Victoria, BC, Canada
$100 - see website for discount code.
Rooted in the Womb- Reclaim Your Sacred Power (4 week virtual immersion)
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Rooted in the Womb ~ Reclaim Your Sacred Power

Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm PST (Recording of the practice will be available for those that cannot attend live. Due to the deep sharing during the circles no zoom replay will be provided)

We begin February 15 - March 7, 2024.

In this 4 week course, we will explore the depths of our feminine core- the Womb space. Being Rooted in our Womb offers stability, and inner strength, while also promoting emotional balance and a sense of calm presence. Being Rooted in our Womb opens us up to our creative potential, our Creatrix energies, our ability to tap into inspiration beyond our conscious minds. Being Rooted in our Womb teaches us self-trust through connecting to our intuition and inner wisdom. Being Rooted in Our Womb can facilitate healing and transformation, allowing us to safely process emotional wounds from this life, past lives and carried down from our ancestors. Being Rooted in our Womb allows us to connect to and embody our sacred feminine energy, birthing new worlds into existence.

This course allows you to begin the process of healing and awakening your Womb space creating the opportunity to inhabit this temple of immense feminine power more deeply.

Week 1 - Journeying in the Womb

Week 2 - Healing the Womb with Manifest Light

Week 3 - Clearing Anger/emotion from the Womb

Week 4 - Clearing Co dependant bonds from the Womb

This introductory 4 week container provides the foundational work for Rooted in the Womb Level 2. In this group we will go deeper into shamanic Womb healing work.

Week 1- Healing Distorted Masculine Imprints from the Womb

Week 2- Soul Retrieval - Healing the Distorted Feminine

Week 3 and 4- Ancestral Healing- Healing the Mother lines.

The total cost for all 4 weeks is $100 CAD. Enter code WOMBLOVE15 to receive $15 off until Feb 8th.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Due to the potent releasing nature of SWA practices, they are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant. Sacred Womb Awakening is an advanced modality. It is strongly recommended participants have prior experience with healing/self-exploration and are prepared to approach the work from an empowered state. It is important participants have enough temporal and spatial distance from any sexual trauma/ abuse in order to be able to effectively work through and heal it.

Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions about this course or any of my offers :)

Many blessings, 

Heidi ~ Vital Resonance