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Posted 06/06/2023 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

Sacred Heart Tameana :: 1st Harmonic Resonance Training

The Star Temple (in person) and Zoom (Virtual) In person @ 550 - 2950 Douglas St and virtually over Zoom
Sacred Heart Tameana :: 1st Harmonic Resonance Training
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: Sacred Heart Tameana training ::

1st Harmonic Resonance ~ The Foundation

24 June 2023 :: 10a - 6p PST

From the Crystal Heart we access the power of the All That Is, the Original Source, the Light of the Galactic Knowing. This is the space of creation, of Creation, where everything manifests from, where everything is born. It is the space, the core, of Pure Possibility. It is the space of pure Intent, of alignments, the access point to a Divine world, to Divinity in itself, where flow happens - of emotions, of progress, of the state of Be-ing.

puo'shk i'a ni Tameana takes us there.

The 1st Harmonic Resonance is the foundation of Tameana, the portal into your connection with the Pleiadian guides and the vibrational medicine. It accesses the Foundational Chakra levels of existence and the corresponding fractal planes. This is our foundation for our expression within this 3D realm.

This healing Consciousness from the Stars is a medicine for the now. It is a Frequency of Consciousness that shifts the paradigm within you, within the world around you, and through all the timelines - the before, the after, and the parallel.

It is a wisdom for both the healer in practice (you!) and the healer at home (also you!)

It holds the current and offers the healing for those from the very young to those that have seen many years upon this Earth.

It is for the Starseed. It is for those on their first time around.

It is for those that aren't sure what is next and those ready to make changes in their life.

It is for those that have tried everything and for those that need a little something else added to the mix.

It is for those in a mass (r)evolutionary shift and for those that are at ease, in bliss. 

It truly is a medicine for everyone.

I'd love for you to join us, to be part of this next stage of our Consciousness (R)evolution.


No pre-requisite is required for the 1st Harmonic Resonance.

**The 1st Harmonic Resonance is a requirement for training in HR2 (Antahkarana), HR3 ( Gaia Code), & HR4 (The Pleiadian Starcode).


:: Tameana has the ability to ::

* Transform layers of energetic blocks, traumas and past life experiences.

* Illuminate the chakras on all fractalline levels.

* Attune the body's frequencies to the Earth's electromagnetic fields.

* Create better sleep patterns

* Raise awareness, consciousness and vibrational frequency.

* Increase self-awareness and understanding of your relationship to your outer world and the collective consciousness.

* Summon your Will to reach fulfillment in your life

* Remove dense energies to allow you to attract more synchronicities into your life that help you reach your Heart-aligned potential.

* Bring balance into mental-emotional, physical, spiritual realms

* Connect you to your Spirit Guides.


Each multi-dimensional training session is based around the first wave downloads by Juan Manual Giordano and the second wave downloads of puo'shk i'a ni Tameana (Sacred Heart Tameana) as transmitted through/with Hilary Hraefn Porter.


:: Included within the training ::

~ Vibrational Elixir :: Rainbow Frequency (10ml) (*in-person only)

~ Workbook with the wisdoms of the workshop.

~ Certification including your chosen name.

~ Salush Nahi Symbol cards, color coded to the Chakra Planes of Existence.

:: Knowledge share of the following ::

~ History of Tameana Vibrational Healing and information on working with the crystals, guides, and co-creating transmissions.

~ Practice of the 1st Harmonic Resonance, including practicing a session with immediate guidance and support.

~ Calling in & connection with your Pleiadian guide.

~ Properties of crystal quartz.

~ Properties of Amethyst.

~ Practical techniques to tune into your intuitive and channeling abilities.

~ How to learn to hear/see/feel the messages from the Pleiadians.

~ How to use the practice for distance healing.

~ How to use the practice for Self Amplification.

~ Wisdoms about chakra system basics and how imbalance within this system may manifest.

~ Guidance on how to Intuitively probe through the use of multiple methods, including pendulum, inner knowing, and muscle testing.

:: Location ::

in-person @ The Star Temple (550 - 2950 Douglas St, Victoria BC)

and Virtual Portal of Zoom.

:: Accessibility for In-Person ::

There is a flight of stairs plus an elevator. 

Wheelchair accessible washrooms on site.

:: Required for Activation ::

 3 clear quartz towers (1 inch to 3 inches long) that can be stood up are required for the training.  These crystals will be attuned to you & are to be dedicated to this practice, activated with Tameana and encoded, increasing in amplification each time they are used. You will use these during the training to apply the grid learned throughout the day.

:: Money Energy Exchange ::


:: Payment ::

Available via e-transfer or credit card with full payment due upon registration. Spot secured once payment is received.

:: Registration Deadline ::

22 June 2024

:: Registration ::

Register to attend in person here.

In-person spots are limited to 4

Register to attend virtually here.

Virtual spots are limited to 10.

:: Words of Experience from a Past Divine Trainees ::

"Tameana has fundamentally shifted my capacity to be in the world, express into the world and be with myself. I honour the many years and healing modalities that I have been with which prepared me to receive deeply from this returning wisdom. The technology of these symbols has the faculty to attune to the human and initiate profound levels of harmonization and coherency, which in these times of transition I feel is greatly supportive towards walking in to the collective unknown to participate in nurturing a flourishing world to emerge."

~ L.R. ~ 

“I recently completed my HR1 training with Hilary. I was lucky enough and so incredibly grateful to have Hilary all to myself, 1-on-1. The 10am start meant that I could sink into my morning and be fully present when the training began. I was drawn in instantly with the knowledge and wisdom shared - it was truly was awe-inducing! Hilary's training was presented so clearly, and the flow of material and of the day was balanced well. As a lifelong learner, I can always appreciate the humanity in stories and experienced that are shared, too. I truly think the only thing that would have made this training better was if it was in person. I loved ever second of it and look forward to more.”

~ Amanda ~


P.S. Did you know that you don't have to wait for a date that 'might' work for you and that we can work together to find just the perfect time that DOES align with your schedule?

P.P.S. and that this includes training both at a distance & in-person in Victoria BC?

P.P.P.S. or that you can gather a group of 5 to 10 of your friends/family/colleagues for a group training and receive 11% off? (available at a distance and in-person)*

*private in-person group gatherings -  location must be provided for discount to be applied; only  available for southern Vancouver Island, from Duncan and below.