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Posted 01/24/2024 by Ekaterina Kosorukova

Seeing and Being Seen. Online Systemic Constellations Group.

CAN $130
Seeing and Being Seen. Online Systemic Constellations Group.
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recurs every week
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8:00 AM
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12:00 AM

Step into a space where "Seeing and Being Seen" isn't just a desire – it's the heart of our journey. Because Seeing and Being Seen – An Essential Ingredient In The Recipe Of Love

In this group, through systemic constellations, I offer you support to navigate or take steps towards healing aspects like:

  • Feeling unnoticed: What you keep hidden and why it matters.
  •  Barriers to being seen and why they exist.
  •  Distorted self-perception and how it impacts relationships with men, colleagues, bosses, and loved ones.
  • Unlocking and utilizing personal strengths for a more fulfilling life.
  • Overcoming fears: How to shift from survival mode to pursuing your goals and your unique path. Becoming more visible in your relationships, and well-being.

Online Group is held on weekends. Choose a date and time that suits you upon registration.

Exchange: CAN $130 / 1,5 hour

Register at: https://vitalitylink.com/seeing-and-being-seen-hearing-and-being-heard-constellations/

For any inquiries, feel free to message me.
Embrace the opportunity for deeper connections and self-expression. All are welcome!