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Tameana Practitioner Training :: 1st Harmonic Resonance

Galactivation Central, Duncan BC Shared upon confirmation of registration.
Tameana Practitioner Training :: 1st Harmonic Resonance
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Change your reality through vibration with this profound Lemurian energy healing modality. This ancient practice of Consciousness is a doorway into ourselves, a transformational journey activated through the power of the Salush Nahi (Sacred Triangle), Ancient Pleiadian symbols, crystals and the Foundational Chakra Planes of Existence. 

Tameana has the capacity to concentrate large amounts of high frequency energy in a closed circuit, changing the recipient’s reality through vibration and allowing the healing work to be done on several dimensions simultaneously. The crystal grids create portals for light beings to help the recipient during the healing process and to channel further guidance through the practitioner.

This ancient practice of Consciousness is a doorway into ourselves, into our Awareness. By raising awareness/consciousness/vibration we are able to see our experiences from many perspectives, including those that have been encoded into our Soul through the past-present-future timelines.

It removes blockages from within the energy fields, within all chakra layers, and allows for a deep connection into all layers of Self – emotional, physical, astral, and spiritual. It works on all levels  and has no linear time, so can work on all incarnations of the Being, before-now-then, and the issues that need to be addressed and patterns that need to be transmuted. It brings great internal transformation, allowing you to make aligned choices, connecting you deeper with your Soul Purpose.

It awakens the I AM seed in the Soul & frees you from limiting concepts and ideas. It summons the Will within you to reach fulfillment while attracting synchronicities that guide you to your full potential.

:: Tameana has the ability to ::

* Transform layers of energetic blocks, traumas and past life experiences.

* Balance the chakras on all fractiline levels.

* Attune the body's frequencies to the Earth's electromagnetic fields.

* Create better sleep patterns

* Raise awareness, consciousness and vibrational frequency.

* Increase self-awareness and understanding of your relationship to your outer world and the collective consciousness.

* Summon your Will to reach fulfillment in your life

* Remove dense energies to allow you to attract more synchronicities into your life that help you reach your Heart-aligned potential.

* Bring balance into mental-emotional, physical, spiritual realms

* Connect you to your Spirit Guides.


Small, intimate workshops with limited spaces, allow the focus to be on you and your learning of the dynamic techniques including the ways in which to use the symbols, breathing patterns, translating the messages from your Pleiadian guides, and connecting into your Ancient Knowing. 

Each mutli-dimensional training session is based around the Tameana Crystal Healing as downloaded by Juan Manual Giordano and the second wave downloads as channelled through Hilary Hraefn Porter.


The 1st Harmonic Resonance is the foundation of Tameana, the portal into your connection with the Pleiadian guides and the vibrational medicine.

No pre-requisite is required for this level. The 1st Harmonic Resonance is required before taking any further levels. 

The 1st Harmonic Resonance, or Foundational Tameana, accesses the Foundational Chakra levels of existence and the corresponding fractal planes. This is our foundation for our expression within this 3D realm.

It awakens the I AM seed in your Soul, the connection to your true purpose, your true expression of Self and heal on all multi-dimensional layers of your being.


::  Included within the training ::

~ Vibrational Elixir :: Rainbow Frequency (5ml)

~ Workbook with the wisdoms of the workshop.

~ Certification including your chosen name. 

~ Salush Nahi Symbol cards, color coded to the Chakra Planes of Existence.

:: Knowledge share of the following ::

~ History of Tameana Crystal Healing and information on working with the crystals, guides, and channeling.

~ Practice of the 1st Harmonic Resonance, including practicing a session with immediate guidance and support.

~ Calling in & connection with your Pleiadian guide.

~ Properties of crystal quartz.

~ Practical techniques to tune into your intuitive and channeling abilities.

~ How to learn to hear/see/feel the messages from the Pleiadians.

~ How to use the practice for distance healing.

~ How to use the practice for Self Amplification.

~ Wisdoms about chakra system basics and how imbalance within this system may manifest.

~ Guidance on how to Intuitively probe through the use of multiple methods, including pendulum, inner knowing, and muscle testing.

:: Location ::

I am so very excited to be offering this training alongside the power and the beauty of the Cowichan River approximately 20 minutes west of Duncan. Directions will be forwarded the Monday before. Please note that a vehicle is required as there is no bus service to the area.

*** This is an outdoor event. The gazebo is covered but is open on all sides and we will be outside for the duration of the training.

:: Accessibility ::

We will be under the cover of a wonderful gazebo, a 5 minute walk down a grass path. There are 3 steps up into the covered space and access to an outdoor washroom.

:: Required for Activation ::

You will be requested to bring 3 clear quartz towers. These crystals will be attuned to you & are dedicated to this practice, being activated with Tameana and encoded, increasing in amplification each time they are used. You will use these during the training to apply the grid learned throughout the day.


 :: Money Energy Exchange :: $333 ::

:: Registration Deadline :: 

7 days prior to the start of the workshop date (12 Sept 2021) 

Classes are intimate and high touch with spots being limited to allow for full connection.

*** Please note that the registration link will be closed for  self-serve registration as of the 11 Sept. Please contact Hilary directly after that date to inquire about the workshop.

:: Payment :: 

Available via e-transfer or credit card with full payment due upon registration. Spot secured once payment is received.

:: Refunds ::

To honour the time, energy, and preparation required in creating the highest vibrational training for each session, refunds are not available after registration is complete. Your space may be transferred to another Being no later than 7 days prior to the date of the Training. The transfer is considered complete once you have received a Confirmation email stating such.


:: Facilitator & Guide for the Day ::

During your Tameana Journey, you will be guided by Tameana Starseed Oracle and Intuitive Seer, Hilary Hraefn Porter. Since her introduction & initiation into Tameana in 2018, she has become a channel for The Seven Sisters to share the deeper layers of Tameana activation and potential, including Ancient Symbols, levels of Harmonic Resonance, and advanced ways in which to use the current templates.

Hilary is an Integrative Healer, Seer, and Tameana Starseed Oracle who practices in Victoria, BC. Through interwoven Esoteric, Traditional & Modern wisdoms she helps others integrate as they Awaken in the modern world. She holds the field & creates the currents as you Awaken your I AM Seed, so you can release the struggle & reclaim your life. 

It is time to Awaken in the modern world, expand your vibration and connect to your own Divinity. 

:: Questions? I am here! :: :: 250.588.7774

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