Posted 05/30/2021 by Alison Spokes

The Art of Tarot for Beginners Online Course

$47 (Early Bird Price)
The Art of Tarot for Beginners Online Course
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12:00 AM
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11:45 PM

Enrollment is open June 4 - August 3. An introductory guide to learning the Tarot.

I'll share my best tips and techniques to help you master all 78 cards and show you how you can turn them into your own personal manual for life.

Enrollment opens June 4, 2021 and closes August 3, 2021. Includes great BONUS offers:

  • 25% Early Bird Discount
  • FREE Workshop: 3 Essential Elements Every Tarot Journal Should Have
  • Printable Harry Potter inspired Tarot spread
  • As a student you get lifetime access to learn on your own schedule.
  • Access to a private Facebook study group for students 

$47 until June 18
$62 regular

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