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Understanding Signs & Messages

Sarabande Treasures studio, Oak Bay 2641 Estevan Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 2T1
Understanding Signs & Messages
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2:00 PM
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5:00 PM

'The impact that spiritual signs and messages has had on me has been transformational.  Knowing how to interpret and understand the language that Spirit uses to guide us can enhance our Earthly journey exponentially.'  

In this fascinating workshop Spiritual Medium, Sheila Smedley will discuss and explore those signs that                                                                                          Spirit uses to communicate specifically with you. Some signs are common to us all, and yet many are given expressly for you. This divine language comforts, inspires and guides us to a more                                                         enriching life experience, which is needed most especially during this time of global spiritual awakening. Once you are open to receiving divine communication, you also allow yourself to tap into a greater level of wisdom and self-confidence. Spirit animals, divine numbers, and natural symbols are just a few of the many modes of communication we will explore.

To register for this workshop, please contact Sheila at sjsmedley@shaw.ca or text us at 236 508-8118

Spaces are limited, so book your space soon.