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Weekly Global Meditation with The Alchemy Collective

Weekly Global Meditation with The Alchemy Collective
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"We are The Alchemy and we share that our  primary purpose  is to prepare planet Earth and Mother Gaia for the great awakening (the vibrational shift).

This purpose is only accomplished through the vibrations of Love in co-creation with humans who are willing to come together in group consciousness with us.

As humans come forth to co-create they agree to create a group heart for each meditation or Gathering. They agree to do so in full Divine Service for both a planet and a people, in accordance with the Divine Plan. They understand that without human conscious participation none of the shift would be possible. Working from expanded hearts and through vibrations of Love we The Alchemy and human participants assist, support and prepare Earth for the coming energetic shift.

Our  secondary purpose is to support those who participate in our co-creations with high vibrational infusions of love and light, energetic gifts, information and personal Alchemy Guides."

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