What are the Akashic Records? with Teresa Klan

What are the Akashic Records? with Teresa Klan
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Every person, place, thing, intergalactic being has an Akashic Record.

They are ethereal libraries where all past, present and future information is recorded. As time is not linear it is all available.

This will be an experiential experience and we will each open up our own Akashic Records. To best prepare for that, it is suggested that everyone come with 1 - 3 questions that they can ask privately while in their own records.

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I've been having spiritual experiences since I was a young girl - as early as I can remember.

Life wasn't always so wonderful though because I didn't know what to do with my gifts. I sought out teachers and mentors who could help me understand what was going on and through this I worked on healing my own wounds.

I've devoted countless hours in my education and training and am very proud to be in a position where I can now help others heal themselves.

Visit Teresa's website: https://www.teresaklan.com/


Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether or primary substance. It is primordial energy before it has interacted with any other piece of energy. The Akasha is made up of light. The main characteristics are sound and light . . . and the energies within it move upon these sound waves creating unique patterns that naturally replicate in our daily lives.

The 4 elements arise from here.

Also known as The Book of Life, Universal or God Consciousness.

A particular wavelength of sound stores and transfers intelligence and is the basis of our energy. It has been called beginning-less and endless. The sound of silence is like brilliance before the light. Also known as the Song of the Creator, the Great Tone (Taoism), Song of the Spheres (Pythagores), uni (one) + verse (song), nada (sound) + yoga (union).

The records are the realm of consciousness where all information exists from a perspective of unconditional love, zero judgement and free will. They never tell you what to do.

All human beings have access to this 7th dimensional realm where the collective resonance is peace, love and joy. (Dimensions are other planes of consciousness.)

The records work by invitation only; we invite the knowledge we seek.

We are the main characters in our journey and others are supports and show up as reflections of ourselves.

Everything brought forth into the space of the Akasha receives a measure of healing.


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