Posted 01/07/2022 by Dr Robbie O'Dwyer

Workshop with Dr Robbie

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Workshop with Dr Robbie
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10:00 AM
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Dr. Robbie O'Dwyer is a skilled teacher, healer and empath and he will teach you how to live from within your heart. Teaching 5 meditative visualization techniques and 3 Breath techniques empowering everyone with the skillset to Heal Transform and Transcend all imbalances on the physical mental emotional and Spiritual levels.

Reconnecting with the True Self, Spirit/Soul, Higher Self and the intelligence of the Universal Consciousness, Creator/ Source.

This will be an interactive event 

topics covered will be but not limited to.

The Mind and Consciousness

How to Still the Mind chatter 

Connecting with the Heart 

Heart-Brain coherence 

Insights into how we create our reality 

and what we know about consciousness 

Accessing the spiritual you.



What does healing really mean

How to let go.

How to put Intentions that Manifest every time.

How to access the quantum field of possibility and remote view.

How to heal others

There will be lots of practicing and doing the techniques.

By the end of the workshop, you will have the skill set to transform your life

and advance your healing Journey.

It will be lots of fun. 

The workshop will be recorded and attendees will get a link to the recording that can be replayed or downloaded after the event.

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