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Submitted by Angeline on 12/21/2021

These 2 are amazing!

You two are absolutely amazing. Tonight's meditation was so helpful. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I had a stressful week at work. There was so much heavy energy that weighed me down. Morgan's voice guided me to this safe place, and I could see you along with angels picking up debris off of me and just chucking it far into the astral realm. Each breath I took, the load was getting lighter and lighter, you and the angels were just plugging away, picking up each bit of debris until there was none left. The visuals were amazing. I slept like a log, almost 10 hours which I NEVER do! Thank you!!!!!!!!

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"Fill It Up" Event 2021-Oct-27

I've been part of the soul-exploring scene for a few years now, and I really enjoyed this event on October 27. The purpose of the guided meditation was to allow us to rid ourselves of unwanted feelings or memories by sticking them to an imaginary wall from which they were "collected" and destroyed in spectacular fashion! Morgan's calm and clear, unhurried, zero-pressure guidance made this whole clearing a very pleasant event, and Debbie's quiet energy and assistance was lighthearted and amusing. Afterwards, I felt especially calm and relaxed, even "at loose ends" about what to do with myself now that my stress had been destroyed. This was an outstanding session from an excellent and calming pair of practitioners: HIGHLY recommended!

Submitted by Mark (individual) on 10/28/2021


Wow thank you both. That was beautiful and what I got more than anything else was that all that you and Morgan could determine from energy and guides was serene, peaceful with much beauty. Donna

Submitted by Intuitive Akashic Readings By Debbie And Morgan on 04/01/2021