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Gwendolyn - Clairvoyant & Intuitive Self - Performance Coach Reviews

Submitted by Stacey on 09/15/2020

Expert Clairvoyant with extremely accurate readings

I have seen Gwen twice and have had no problem recommending her to friends due to how accurate her information was. I like the kind of clairvoyant who is forth-right in passing on the information they are given and that is Gwen to a T. She is sure-footed with her information and delivers it to you with a wonderful combination confidence and empathy so that it is absorbed in a very organic way. Gwen is very trust-worthy and matter-of-fact and I have never felt uncomfortable in asking even the most delicate of questions. I always leave feeling heard and understood and so much lighter than I was when I walked in. She is a very talented Clairvoyant and the friends I have sent her way have all reported the same thing. Highly recommend.

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Dragon magic abounds!

I have connected with many high-frequency individuals but Gwendolyn's is one of the most tapped-in, clean energies out there.
I've had three sessions with Gwen. Our initial in-person and two over the phone. Going into our phone session: I wasn't too sure if our channels would align. But man, oh man, did they ever.
1st session: nearing the end, Gwen had felt the presence of a blue heron within my energy field. We drew an oracle card as a confirmation and immediately a blue heron flew onto the terrace looking down in on us.
2nd session: we drew an "Air Dragon" from her Dragon Oracle Card and the phrase "QV" came to her. I am an Aquarius, my dog named Falkor was named after a flying luck dragon, I am born in the year of the dog, dog = God, etc. I googled "QV" and QV Café popped up. At the café, to my right, was a large mural of a dragon. Went over to Triple Spiral, first deck that I saw was the Dragon Deck.
3rd session: Pure Magic.
For me, Gwen is the human form of "GrandmotheAr Willow."

Submitted by Ryan on 08/02/2021

Awesome Reading, Awesome Reader!

I really enjoyed receiving a reading from Gwen - the information & connection she shared were very much in touch with what I have going on, and helpful, too! I appreciate her sense of humour & approach to spirit, and her compassion about difficult things. I hope you get a chance to work with her - you'll be glad you did!

Submitted by Ian on 08/02/2021

Profound Insight

I had a session with Gwen a few weeks ago. Since then, I have struggled to write a review that is worthy of describing that session. The profound insight and detailed quality of the messages that Gwen was able to bring through were, quite frankly, life changing for me….in a very good way. Since that session with Gwen, I have felt a positive shift in my perception. I now have a clearer understanding of my path and with that awareness has come a freeing sense of calm. Thank you, Gwen, your gift has been a true blessing in my life.VMD, Victoria, BC.

Submitted by Viola D. on 06/07/2021

"On the Money"

Normally, I'm very nervous having a reading, but right from the get go I felt calm and connected. Gwen covered a lot of material for me. Her ability to present it was clear, on the money done in a fun, relaxed and accurate way. I would wholeheartedly recommend her in a heartbeat; she is a very skilled, warm and generous person.

Warm regards,
Wendy Young

Submitted by Wendy Young on 07/23/2020

“It’s Time” April 22 2020

My reading with Gwen was amazing. Her communication and channelling is a gift she shares and tells you what you need to know.
Gwen the beautiful person that she is has a way of making you feel very comfortable and relaxed to receive a reading that is genuine and powerful. Thank you Gwen??

Submitted by Linda Wood on 05/04/2020

Beautifully warm, supportive and nurturing

I had a beautiful second reading with Gwen that gave comforting perspective, guidance and reassurance. Her presence as always was so warm and inviting. I’m very thankful for her!

Submitted by Stephanie W on 03/26/2020

So grateful

I really would like to thank you Gwendolyn.
I felt really good during the session, you have a calming energy that made me feel really relaxed!
You gave me such a beautiful guidance; I could really feel that you were connecting with my higher self and guides. I now have the confidence to live my life, to follow my intuition and trust in myself and in my capacities.
You're a really passionate and loving person; I am very grateful to have met you.

Submitted by Sophia C on 03/15/2020

AahA Moments

Hi Gwen - Thank-you so much for the amazing reading you gave me today!

Gwen has the innate ability to connect to your higher self. The messages that came through gave me the power to step into my true authentic self. Gwen gave me the tools to do just that. The theme that came through was to love myself first. Also the power of our thoughts can make a significant difference in our surrounding world, influencing the people in our lives. I had many Aha moments and confirmation of the messages I had already been receiving from my higher self. I highly recommend Gwen for a reading, if you’re looking for guidance in your life!

Love and Gratitude,

Submitted by Alice on 01/27/2020

Corporate Kudo's

We all have questions in life, things that weigh on our mind, which may

Or may not be directly related to our workload, but can surely affect our output.

Gwen provided a safe, non-judgmental outlet to speak freely about deep personal questions, and assisted staff with finding the answers that they were looking for. This clarity and new found unique knowledge is often exactly what is required to release emotional stressors and find that motivation to complete that project waiting for you on your desk! Maybe it was the affirmation that you are doing a great job, that you really are perfectly suited for the position you are in, that a loved one passed is watching over you, or maybe its assistance with finding direction in your life, the experience with Gwen is one that won’t soon be forgotten.”

The URSA team

Submitted by Ursa on 01/07/2020


Communicates beautifully, tells you what you need to hear, has great spiritual insight and it is very obvious that she is gifted. I learned a lot from her today and will definitely be getting another reading in the future. Thank you ????

Submitted by Vivien on 12/10/2019

Warning !

I went to Gwen as I was drawn to her. The one hour session did not disappoint. I was looking for clarity from Spirit as I have been working through several layers of enlightenment nuggets these past months. Easily and quickly, she waded into a very concise and relatable reading that confirmed what I knew already, without the noise of my left brain squawking like a maniac. I was calmed and reassured for my journey into the year 2020 by the messages she relayed. Warning: she gave me homework!! No skipping classes here! Thank you Gwen. Right reading right time.

Oct 2019

Submitted by Morgan on 10/07/2019


I feel privileged to have had an Akashic record reading with Gwen; she is a very clear and genuine conduit. The messages that came through from the Akash were simple and profound truths that resonated deeply with me. It is important to prepare specific questions beforehand but if you do the answers can be very revealing.
Thank you, Gwen, for sharing your gift with me.

Submitted by D on 10/01/2019

Professional Assistance

I am a Reiki Master and run a full time business as an Energy Practitioner and an artist. On several occasions I have connected with Gwen requesting assistance with either personal minor physical ailments or confidential issues of specific clients that I have worked with.
With my personal matters she has worked closely with me and shares enough insight for me to discover what my body is holding onto, assisting me to bring in ease to the discomfort within minutes.

Regarding my client assistance, with only giving her very limited information, I have found her to be professional and very accurate.

I am grateful that she shares her gifts with the planet.

Intuitive Healer and Artist

Submitted by Thyra on 07/10/2019

"I am Free"

Things have accelerated since my last session. I have been able to put fear aside and have had many shifts in consciousness since. My connection to source is more flowing and I see myself clearly that I have a mission and that I don't feel guilt about my timing or my abilities. I trust the timing and am being led by my heart.

I stopped looking for a home on the island till next year and that was a catalyst for a deeper connection to myself. I feel in the flow state and I see it's benefits. Your love and guidance has been essential to me to help find myself, sort of speak. I was always here but almost invisible to myself. I am free.

Thank you for sharing your gift. I hope you help so many others on their path to knowing themselves. You are a light to my spirit. Thank you! Crystal

Submitted by Crystal on 06/16/2019

You have helped me more than you know!

I work for one of the most talented artists on the planet and enjoy meeting nice people from all over the world. People like Gwen that share my passion of fine art.

With knowing only my name she delivered info about me that to my pleasant surprise only I could confirm to be true. She also gave me insight to my future timeline of 2-3 years of having very happy times ahead once surpassing my current challenges. I see the writing on the wall and everything headed in that direction.

She is a truly gifted individual that shares very important information for a specific person. I would highly recommend her if you need guidance or spiritual direction. I look forward to the next time we meet as the exciting times are up ahead. Thank you Gwen! You have helped me more than you know!
Marc Robinson, Bellagio Hotel Art Gallery
Las Vegas

Submitted by Marc Robinson on 05/16/2019

'New insights, new Direction'

“Praise to Gwen Wiberg for my recent Akash reading! I had not experienced a reading quite like this and was very pleased with the message and the gentle and loving way it was presented. Gwen was very adept at deciphering the exact message I needed to hear at this juncture. She clearly has a gift.
I highly recommend Gwen’s readings to anyone who is open to allowing her to assist in going to the heart of your Akash and providing valuable insights. Those insights could shine a light on areas you may not have otherwise been aware of and set you on a completely new path; a new way of being in the world and looking at your life.” Marilyn – Calgary April 2019

Submitted by Marilyn on 04/22/2019

Peace of Mind and regained my balance

I recently had an Akashic Record reading done with Gwen. I was in a state of fear, anxiety and confusion up until this session. I was stuck. I wanted to know why because I couldn’t make sense of it. After this reading I got the peace of mind I was looking for to move forward in my spiritual growth. I am amazed at how quickly I’ve regained my balance since my session with Gwen. I got an understanding of myself I think I would never gotten otherwise. I am finally realizing how powerful I am and how to start to harness that to help me. I am so grateful for Gwen’s gift.

March 2019

Submitted by Crystal on 04/11/2019

Eternally Grateful

When I first contacted Gwen for help, I was at my worst, in regards to pain and general health. I had been battling Fibromyalgia for 10 years and I couldn't get any relief anymore, I wasn't getting anymore "good days". The pain throughout my body was intense with inflammation in every joint and my world becoming very small as I couldn't participate in most activities.

Gwen was sweet and gentle, just what I needed. Her guidance was specific, she provided helpful tools and references but it meant that I had to do my job on this end after each session. She gives you the answers, but you have to do the work after, and I did, and I am on a path in life I never thought would be possible for me, at least not in this life line. My pain is non-existent, and my energy is way up and my relationships are deeper and more loving. I trust my own intuition now. I have compassion for myself and others now. Joy comes easily now.

I am eternally grateful for Gwen's intuitive gift.

Submitted by Crystal on 02/14/2019

The Power of my Thoughts

Thank you for your insight and knowledge. The guidance really helps me understand the bigger picture and the energies working with me right now. I now have a better understanding of what it means to come from Heart Source - no matter what I perceive the obstacles to be in my life. I better understand the power of Thoughts and now will focus more on the Now moment releasing the doubts that no longer serve me.

I am very grateful for my session with you.
Performing Dancer & Chorographer,
Paris, France

Submitted by Sufi Seer And Sage on 03/01/2018

Illuminating and Resonated

"Thanks alot Gwen, I would be lying if I said your reading did not resonate. It Did. It is making me think about alot of things. Your insights were illuminating.

Much love Priyanka
Member of Supreme Court Bar Association

Submitted by Sufi Seer And Sage on 03/01/2018

Completely On Point!

Gwen's reading was completely on point and helped me gain perspective on the challenges and exciting changes going on right now in my life. It felt very natural and the answers were precise and revealing! It's been astounding to realize that there is still a part of me 'asking for permission' to be Me! She gave me the little push I have been needing on a spiritual, personal and musical level. I highly recommend!"

Thank you ! !
Professional Musician and Composer
Montreal, Canada

Submitted by Sufi Seer And Sage on 03/01/2018

Game Changer !

Gwen's reading confirmed a lot of guidance I was receiving on my own. It was like going to a professional craftswoman after having done DIY for awhile. I was quite impressed that the first few words out of her mouth summarized to a T the flip-flopping issues I have been dealing with.

Gwen identified my blind spot. I did not know I carried past hurts and issues into my present. After the reading, I looked closer and found a number of examples of past issues affecting/clouding my present. I am very grateful to Gwen for helping me be aware of these influencers.

My session was a Game Changer.
B. Boutin

Submitted by Sufi Seer And Sage on 03/01/2018

Increased Self-awareness

I have had a reading and two Life Path Guidance sessions with Gwen, she is intuitive, sincere and honest. Gwen's energy and ability to encourage looking at events in life from other perspectives and increasing self-awareness is skillful and enlightening.

I highly recommend Gwen, with many thanks, for your helpful encouragement and sharing several good laughs during our sessions!

Submitted by Sufi Seer And Sage on 03/01/2018

Accurate on many levels

My experience with Gwen at the DaVinci Center, November 2017 was kind of incredible really. The information presented to me was almost spooky in it's accuracy on several levels. Very interesting Gift you have... Thanks Gwen.

Submitted by on 02/27/2018

A great connection with Spirit....

“My experience with Gwen's reading was one of ease and natural flow. I really felt she connected with Spirit. She provided me with clarity and possibility on situations I had questions about and with vivid detail to enhance the picture that was presented to me. I would highly recommend Gwen for anyone looking for guidance from Spirit.”
Crystal Reflexologist

Submitted by Brother Ian on 07/09/2016

Accurate, amazing

Overall....Gwen...this is a most accurate reading, really quite amazing, given we've never met in person and I think I've only spoken once or twice to you. Very, very, well done!”
Martin Rutte Pres. of Livelihood®
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Submitted by Brother Ian on 07/09/2016