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Spiritual Counselor/Psychic Medium, Chris Wasko Reviews

Submitted by Spiritual Counselor/Psychic Medium, Chris Wasko on 07/12/2022

Spiritual Development Class

“I love taking classes with Chris. The classes are well structured, informative and very helpful for anyone at any level of their spiritual journey. I will continue to learn and grow with Chris in her upcoming classes and I highly recommend Chris as a teacher and spiritual counselor.”

-Dani- Spiritual Development Class Student

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Overcoming addiction

“I am a 39-year-old woman, and the trauma I have experienced in my life is not something I like to talk about. I have been abused by my father mentally and physically on a daily basis from childhood through the beginning of high school. I suffer from PTSH, anxiety, depression, and, of course alcoholism. I was raped in my mid-thirties, which sent me over the edge with my alcohol abuse. When I talked to Chris, she knew everything before I even told her. In one session, she took me to the root of my problem. Chris gets it. She understands. May any of you struggling with addiction, find peace and joy!”

— N.P. Spiritual Counseling Client

Submitted by Spiritual Counselor/psychic Medium, Chris Wasko on 06/13/2022

Spiritual Development Class

“I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in tapping into their gifts and abilities to take this course. Throughout the course Chris made learning about mediumship approachable and fun! I finished this class with a strong understanding of my gifts and abilities. I am looking forward to taking many more courses with Chris.”

-C.S.- Spiritual Development Class Student

Submitted by Spiritual Counselor/psychic Medium, Chris Wasko on 06/10/2022