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Stacey Mckinna

Digital Detox Coach / Dream Coach / Nature Retreats Facilitator / Speaker at Winkchronicity ® Ltd

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"Sharing may seem simple, but the SIMPLEST things can change the World!" -Stacey

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  • Digital Detox Coach / Dream Coach / Nature Retreats Facilitator / Speaker at Winkchronicity ® Ltd
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  • Digital Detox Coach / Dream Coach  / Nature Retreats  Facilitator / Speaker at Winkchronicity ® Ltd Company Logo by Stacey Mckinna in
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  • Vancouver Island/ Greater Vancouver/ Sea to Sky
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  • 2019
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  • Office hours: Flexible daytime appointments upon request

    Retreat schedule: 1-3 days in nature, upon request

    *Single day retreats are 5 hours and include a healthy lunch cooked over a fire
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  • Digital Detox Coach

    Living without a phone and internet connection for 10 years has shown me what it means to have peace and balance in life. To really tune in to what’s possible for each of us, we must truly unplug and unwind. By experiencing this process firsthand, I help inspire and support people on their journey to being connected.

    I’m a keynote and public speaker who helps others transition from being digitally overwhelmed to a simpler life.

    Dream Coach

    I followed my heart and experienced my dreams coming true by travelling to 30 countries around the world in 9 years. My aim is to pass on the gifts that living a simple life has taught me. Working for Ted Talks in Vancouver for 5 years is an amazing privilege and dream come true.

    I created *Reverse Wish, a kindness movement, so I could spread goodness of sharing with others. 10% of the proceeds go to kindness initiatives.

    *Reverse Wish |riˈvərs wi sh| - to make someone else's wish come true by giving, sharing, or helping from the heart. Giving to connect with the person wishing for what you have.

    Learn more here: www.winkchronicity.com/project

    To encourage others to share their dreams with the world at a time dreams are so needed, I started “HELLO my dream is” and sell masks, sweaters, and stickers with our logo at local businesses in BC. They are designed so you can write your dream right on it!

    We’ve invited others to share on Instagram to create a space that feels good and inspires more dreams. Check it out: @hellomydreamis

    Nature Retreats

    I’ve spent the last 10 years spending a minimum of 4 months a year living simply in a tent without technology and cooking over a fire. Overcoming many fears and moving through this was an life changing process and it’s now the practice I teach. Learning from the “University of Nature” has been wonderful and I’m a lifelong student!

About Stacey Mckinna


"A Wink from the Universe, you're on the RIGHT path" 

Most importantly, I love to dream and inspire. My goal is to be an example to others of what is possible by tapping into our ability to focus. It's amazing what we can create without the use of regular tools and I aim to inspire people to do this without phones, computers, internet access. By questioning the way things are done instead of just following along.  We can rewrite the way we do things and achieve greater focus and peace in our lives. The most famous people I have studied clearly possess a specific powerful quality and focus of their minds - something I wanted to achieve.  I also started noticing that despite great levels of success and achievement, the people I've met at TED and other jobs could not match the inner peace and free time.  I've cultivated as a direct result of my simple lifestyle. I have created a business of giving away what I love to do and 10% goes to making people wishes come true and i still own my time, this is a wonderful success. 

To slow life down and give back balance. I teach practical tools with retreats and sessions in nature to connect more offline. I'm excited Spring is here so this is a great time to try a 1 day retreats with a healthy lunch cooked over a fire. You can find more info at: https://www.winkchronicity.com/about

Nature has shared great knowledge about sharing and for 10 years I have practiced what I learned and created *Reverse Wish, to make wishes come true. Pavel Kickler, my business partner, has given his whole heart to growing *Reverse Wish and Hello my dream is, with me.

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