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Chrissandra Unger - Expressive Arts Therapist & Biofield Tuning Practitioner Reviews

Submitted by Marlene B., Manitoba on 03/20/2023

Remote sessions work... Chrissandra was intuitive and sensitive to my energies!

Since completing a number of distance sessions with Chrissandra I've noticed change in many parts of my life. Being 'stuck' in a certain way for many years, Chrissandra was able to help me to move forward and begin to release energies and emotions I was holding onto.  She is amazing and caring in each session and the distant sessions allow me to be comfortable in my home yet embrace the sound healing therapy she provides.   

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Soundscape Group Experience Amazing!

There was such an adventure in sound - at times it felt like I was outside in nature! The piano was a nice addition - the gentle melody and vibrations really settled in my body. Our job is really stressful and through sound and music, Chrissandra helped our team to relax and feel reconnected to ourselves and each other.

Submitted by L. R. - Ladysmith on 03/28/2023

Life changing!

Life changing experience! Chrissandra is a warm, kind, sensitive and intuitive therapist, who uses her wisdom, knowledge and talents to help her clients heal.

Submitted by J. Gibson, Vancouver Island on 02/23/2023