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Mar. Reiki Practitioner, Chakra healing, Tarot Reader Reviews

Submitted by Jadyn on 05/15/2022

Exceptional Reiki Practitioner

I had my first ever Reiki session with Mar. They are very gentle and kind. Mar made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable in this new situation. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but truly they have a gift. I felt at ease when the session began and they talked me through their process which I really appreciated. Mar facilitated an enlightening and emotional experience that I absolutely needed. I will definitely be coming back.

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Thankful for My Tarot Teacher

Mar is a connected, intuitive, compassionate and understanding teacher of intuitive Tarot. After every lesson with Mar, I have noticed a greater understanding of my own intuition and understanding of signs and symbolism. I continuously feel more connected to this great art of Tarot and I am grateful to have such a dedicated and inspiring teacher.

Submitted by Natty on 10/20/2022

First time tarot reading

This was my first experience with tarot reading and I didn’t know what to expect but was blown away by how knowledgeable, kind and patient Mar is! I really enjoyed their broad spectrum of thoughts and insights. Every card I pulled was explained in detail but then brought back to my situation so I could reflect on it and find my meaning.
If you’re in search of a genuinely compassionate and healing experience, I highly recommend trying a service from Mar (whether it’s tarot reading or Reiki)!

Submitted by Kristina on 06/05/2022

Next level

Mar is exceptionally gifted with natural talents in the healing arts.

I would describe Mar as an Energetic Multidimensional Doctor. She works on all planes, chakras and layers of our energetic body

Each treatment gets better and we go deeper to peel off layers; so one feels. Ore free and less tangled

Highly recommend Mar, on so many levels, for a card reading, reiki or whatever gifts she brings to make one feel whole and complete

Submitted by Ali Kay Holistic on 04/19/2022

The most gentle and attentive healer

Mar is a powerful and attentive healer. Being in Mar's presence invites such ease and relaxation as she listens deeply to your needs, senses unspoken desires, and remains mindful of your energy. She carries such a reverent love for this world and every being that lives in it and it really shows. I would highly recommend working with Mar if you're looking for a gentle, caring, and passionate practitioner that is ready to show up for you with a safe container to hold you in while you focus on your healing journey.

Submitted by Livana on 11/08/2021

Relaxing and enlightening

Mar has such an inviting yet gentle presence, I sometimes find it hard to relax in Reiki, or hard to stop my racing thoughts- but I didn't feel that with Mar, she creates such a relaxing space, her voice and movements are all so calculated- you can really feel the deep thought and love that she puts her work. After my session I noticed I felt lighter and more open to new experiences/ able to manage my stress! Which was something I really appreciated. I am going to sign up for a card reading soon because her tarot knowledge is boundless! Thank you Mar for all of the genuine care and radiant energy that you give in these valuble sessions! ? 

Submitted by Lara J on 03/08/2021

Giveaway Winner

I entered a contest via Instagram where Mar was offering a card of the year reading and it was absolutely brilliant! Mar is insightful, knowledgable, detailed and well versed in her craft and I was happily surprised by the depth of the reading. She brought me through the cards and the symbolism with ease and rhythm, shining light on aspects of my psyche that were hidden in the dark to me. I look forward to working with Mar in the future as she continues to share her wisdom with others who are guided towards this profound work. 

Submitted by Shanti Leblanc on 02/20/2021

Great reiki experience!

Although I had never done a distance reiki session, I was game to see how it worked & what it felt like. Mar set me up & offered a session, which surprised me how alert & energized I felt at the end, and for a few hours after. It's hard to explain, but for the next few days I felt less scattered & more focused, and was glad to feel more connected with people because with that. Mar also did a short Tarot reading with me which echoed the energy I had, working on a project. Inspired, that was part of a productive 2-3 days afterwards. I hope you get a chance to get a reading/session with Mar - she's the real deal!

Submitted by Ian on 02/11/2021

Very Impressed First-Timer!

I've never had any experience with reiki until I had a session with Mar. I came in with open expectations and left with comfort, intrigue and optimism. After my first treatment, she briefed me about the experience and I was blown away that she was able to pick up on ailments that were never previously discussed! A week later I am still feeling very positive and optimistic about the intentions set during our session. I will definitely be booking a follow up with her in the future. Highly recommended. 

Submitted by Alison Spokes on 02/06/2021