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Posted By Lighting The Path with Jennifer Regular on 12/08/2022

Creative Transformation Masterclass


Do you experience periods where you question your life and direction? Do we really only have ONE purpose?

In under an hour, you will gain insight into what is important now, the art of proper timing, and recognize what might trip you up. 

This masterclass will teach you how to move forward and step more fully onto your path, even if you don’t know which direction you want to go. It will take you through a cycle of transformation you can move through at your own pace. 

It also explains what Thought Leaders, Visionaries, and High Achievers all have in common, the challenges they face, and what to do to resolve those issues. 

You will also discover how to: 

  • Activate your soul’s calling 
  • Discover your True Passion 
  • Embrace your power as a Changemaker and create your future
  • Discern what is right for YOU 
  • Elevate your self-worth 
  • Centre yourself

Let the insights shared in this video class guide you to finding clarity, direction and purpose so you can make better choices moving forward.  Sign up here to gain immediate access.

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