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Submitted by Coral Poser on 09/07/2018

Midwifing Breath!

Overall Rating

I found this Breathwork session with Krista Thornhill very powerful! I was guided using the patterns of my own breathing, Krista’s earth and spirit voice and a soundtrack deep into my body-mind. I emerged from my journey within with a deeper, slower breath...and so...with a sense of loving connection with myself...and so...with being more fully present to live on Earth! I am grateful!

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A Wonderful Guide and Healer

I have had the privilege of attending two private sessions with Krista Thornhill where she provided intuitive readings and healing. She is a remarkable, articulate and very loving healer and I highly recommend that you not only book a session with her (online sessions are also available) – but also buy her book “Earth Journey - A Guide to Living with the Seasons”.

I attended her book launch here on Salt Spring and it was fabulous. She is engaging, powerful with language and presence, and the book is a must for all those seeking a path on this earth’s journey!

Submitted by Diana Hayes on 01/24/2021

A Very Valuable Experience

Yesterday I participated in a Breath Work session with Krista. Going in, I had no expectations (positive or negative). It turned out to be a very valuable experience. Krista created an environment that really expanded my set of tools, which I can now take and use on my own. We had a good exchange of conversation and ideas after the session, which I appreciated. I learned years ago, that most of us do not breathe correctly. Sounds strange right? What do you mean, I don't know how to breathe? It's true. But proper breathing and oxygenating the body does amazing things, letting the body move naturally towards homeostasis. The Breath Work class with Krista's was a practical and useful exercise.

Submitted by Joe on 02/06/2020

I love working with Krista!

Whenever I check in with Krista, I always feel she is ready to work with me - I feel welcomed & can feel that she is engaged with what we're dealing with. I hope you work with her, too - you'll be glad you did!

Submitted by Ian on 01/25/2020

Suprising experience

I have had two sessions with Krista. I didn't know what I was getting into + and had no idea if I was doing the breath work "properly" but that didn't stop my body from responding profoundly to the practice. I let go of something that I didn't realize I was still holding onto and I felt such relief. The care and attention that Krista brought to the session was comforting + encouraged me to go deeper. Thank you for sharing this beautiful practice Krista I will be back for sure! x

Submitted by Billie Woods on 05/28/2019

Body beyond mind.

A-h-h-h. So wombish and easy the releases just followed my lead to come as they wished, one after the other without attachment to what the heck was gong on. Utmost tenderness in Krista's energy, spirit's hands at work in surrender, safe, beautiful surrender... thank you dear soul.

Submitted by "soul Connection" - Chloe Thonney on 09/14/2018

Authentic journey

Krista holds a deep connection with mother Gaia , providing personal growth and empowerment to embrace who you truly are.
Her beautiful gifts are felt energetically when in her presence and her purpose here in this lifetime will be shared deeply on many levels !
Krista thank you for being a part of my journey you hold a very special place in my heart you truly are a gift in this world .

Submitted by Valerie on 09/11/2018

spiritual mentorship

Krista is a true inspiration for many of us who are looking to find the true meaning of who we are and to be in tune with nature and what's around - to find calm peace for our heart, mind and soul.

Krista has really helped me to see my path clearly as to what makes me happy, for years I was afraid to express my feelings about being Wiccan, and my beliefs for fear of what my parents would think and people I knew or worked with. I'm not afraid anymore. That has added to my own power and confidence and appreciation of what I have and what's around me. Krista's messages and posts are powerful and positive. Krista, thank you for being you and helping others be who they truly are.

Submitted by Amy O'brien on 09/06/2018