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QHHT & Human Design with Bergy Reviews

Submitted by Ian Byington on 09/14/2022

Great session, great reading!

It was awesome getting a human design reading a couple of weeks ago with you! I've listened to the audio of our session a couple of times now, and keep adding to my notes each time. More importantly, I add to my daily practice as the things that are in the human design reading continue to grow in both relevance & practical application. Really inspiring & really useful - thanks, Bergy! This is an amazing gift that you share - the world's a brighter place because of it!

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Thank you, Bergy!

I just wanted to thank you again for our Human Design reading. I re-listened to the recording yesterday and found the way you described my gifts to truly resonate in my soul! Can't wait to continue experimenting with this. Thank you again :)

Submitted by Marianne on 01/29/2023