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Submitted by Patricia Parkins on 05/10/2021

Grateful for Ocean

Overall Rating

I discovered Ocean Lum's classes through a friend who thought her approach would help me with my ongoing depression. She was right. Ocean's gentle yoga classes, infused with meditation, colour chakra visualization, vocal sounding, excerpts of profound poetry - combine to reach the deepest parts of me. I love how she invites sharing among the participants, how she is so honest about her own journey, and how her beautiful voice puts me into a sacred space when i am with her. Ocean's classes are like no other. l am grateful.

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Counselling/yoga/mindfulness meditation

I am grateful for my time with Ocean. Her counselling was helpful for me in differentiating between what I imagined was real and what was actually real. Her gentle questions led me to have a look at my life from a new and fresh perspective, allowing me the freedom to make different choices moving forward. Her yoga and mindfulness meditation classes complimented her counselling, lending strength to body and mind.

Submitted by Gordon Wolfe on 05/23/2019