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Submitted by Celina on 01/02/2021

Removed Inspiration + Confidence Blockages!!

Overall Rating

I reached out to Laara for a distance healing on some energetic blockages that I was feeling in myself, my business and how I showed up in the world. I particularly had issues after a period of overwhelm in my own business to come back to creativity and inspiration. Only one day after the healing, I could receive downloads again and the ideas were just flowing through me as I had known it before and missed so much!! On top of that, I felt a shift in how I am showing up authentically. Lately I have been feeling so free and at ease within myself and could really show up as my true essence with others! I‘m certain the healing has something to do with that as well!

So big big thanks to you, lovely Laara!

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Distance Healing for My Dog‘s Anxiety

I‘m so glad I decided to book two distance healing sessions for my new rescue dog! Due to lots of changes he has been struggling with separation anxiety and I could hardly leave him for 2 minutes without him barking! It was such a bummer for my own freedom and Oskar really suffered, too :( After Laara‘s healing combined with more training, he gained confidence and his anxious barking turned into a rather „annoyed“ bark which he stops doing as soon as I tell him! I can now leave him alone for a couple of hours a day without him freaking out and myself feeling super stressed out about it! Laara has a very calming and comforting energy and truly has a deep understanding of what is needed in the moment for profound healing ????????

Submitted by Celina on 01/09/2020