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Living Medicine Herb School with Garliq Reviews

Submitted by Noreen C. on 03/16/2023

I am truly grateful for jump starting my journey with herbal medicines!

I'm truly grateful to you for providing the Herbal Integration Program in 2014. It jumped started me into a whole new world of managing this life without the drugs mainline health care offers.

I don't use pharmaceuticals, and stay strickly to plant medicine to navigate moving on to an old gal part of my life. I've avoided all those pesky side effects and the toxins that come along with that.

Thank you!

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I can now i.d. local trees and herbs

I also learned to identify local herbs and plants which were either yummy or really useful for healing remedies.
I learned a lot about our local plant life and can now successfully identify many local trees, herbs and plants wherever I go.
This was a truly awesome experience!

Submitted by Joanna on 05/25/2023