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Peter Tongue Reviews

Submitted by Janis Kirker on 05/01/2019

Connecting with the Big Picture Potentials

when i first met Peter at a large workshop, I was aware of holy helpers around him, so I decided to ask him for assistance understanding my Gene Keys profile and subsequently I asked him to come to my home town to teach and now we have a study group that meets regularly. It's been a very fruitful nourishing connection.

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Very informative session. Easy to talk with. A lot of examples and applications of ideas from gene key profile.

Submitted by Sherri on 09/03/2019

Enthusiastic and Helpful guidance!

We have both had beginning and followup Gene Keys phone consultations with Peter, and found them to be EXTREMELY helpful in assisting us in navigating our self awareness and developmental journey. We also attended a Seven Seals Retreat, and found it also very beneficial. Thank you Peter!

Submitted by Sam & Addie on 09/01/2019

Workshops and 1 hour Gene key reading as well as many meditations over the years

Excellent in all ways ... My work with Peter has grounded and re enforced the perspectives of spirituality on my journey and shifted my pathetic with the gene keys guidance...
Thank you peter????????

Submitted by Gail Woodward on 08/31/2019

Supportive, Enriching, Expansive

Peter's introduction and personal reading of my Gene Keys profile has sparked new insights into life's great mysteries. At a time of deep searching, Peter's wisdom and work has helped me move through my life with more ease and faith in the great unfolding.

Submitted by Danielle Lebeau Petersen on 07/08/2019

Awareness...the gift that keeps on giving

It has been and continues to be a profound blessing to have the opportunity to work alongside Peter Tongue, whether it be in attending his weekly meditations, or to gleen insight and understanding from a one on one Gene Keys consultation....both bring about a level of awareness that continues to impact the unfolding of my life still.....he has been gifted with an ability to lead one to a deeper understanding of even the most mundane of experiences....his unending commitment to the greater good inspires all who know of him and his tireless work.....how priviledged am I to have experienced the numerous benefits of his deep knowledge that has , over the years, helped me with my own awakening ....

Submitted by Susan Macdonald on 07/01/2019

A totally valuable experience

My first Gene Keys reading with Peter helped explain a lot about my life that helped me make sense of my particular challenges and gifts. Peter is not only knowledgeable about the Gene Keys but is intuitive and has a keen sense of the human condition. I felt truly seen and also gained understanding about the Gene Keys, which continues to blow my mind each time I open the book. I had a second reading several years later which helped me to understand how to access my creativity.

Submitted by Ms. Linda Fialkoff on 04/23/2019

Gene Keys workshop

I had a very wonderful day at the Anam Cara Yurt in Metchosin with Peter, Zia and all workshop attendees. The space was beautiful, the people so supportive and the workshop was amazing!

Submitted by Amanda Stacey on 04/03/2019

Gene keys consultantation.

Peter has such a gentle calm presence and a simple way of being able to explain how your Gene Keys feature in your life in a way the human mind is able to absorb easily. Having Peter guide me in how my keys feature in my life allowed me to understand the areas that were blocked, enabling me into contemplation and the inner work necessary to move to forward on my path. I loved my session with him, he has the most amazing energy. My advice ....go for it...I felt like a flower inside me was finally opening!

Submitted by Andree on 04/01/2019

Effective energy healing work appreciated

I have visited Peter several times for healing sessions. He does massage table based bodywork using special stones and gemstones for their energy effects. He sometimes world with a partner healer Zia. It has always brought me into balance and I remained balanced for a month or two after each session.

Submitted by Iam on 03/27/2019